Rates and Services

$.008 per word

This service is recommended when preparing to publish when no prior editing has taken place.

Copyediting includes:

Basic grammar
Punctuation errors
Light fact checking

I’ll work to improve sentence construction to clearly convey its meaning and offer word choice alternatives when appropriate. I’ll (lightly) rewrite sentences to improve coherence, reorder sentences or paragraphs to improve flow, eliminate wordiness, and delete redundancies. 
You’ll also find suggested deletions and additions, if appropriate, to help with the development of the story. I’ll note any inconsistencies whether it’s with the timeline, mysterious wardrobe changes, or character dialogue or behavior. As a reader, my pet peeves are inconsistencies. It drives me crazy seeing a character’s eye or hair color flip-flopping, having a twenty-six-year-old graduate college ten years prior (unless they’re a genius), or unbelievable/age-inappropriate dialogue. I’ll make every effort to ensure your manuscript is free of such errors. 

My goal is not to change your voice, tone, or style, but to work with you to make your manuscript the best it can be and to ensure it’s clear, coherent, consistent, and correct!

This service includes two passes: I will edit, and then send your manuscript back to you for approval; you’ll either accept or reject changes and answer any of the queries, and then return the manuscript to me so I can incorporate any changes or corrections into the manuscript and clean the copy of editorial markings.
$.005 per word

This service is recommended after all content changes have been made and your manuscript has been copyedited.

During the proofread, I’ll look for punctuation, misspellings, stylistic inconsistencies, missing words, extra words, and keyboarding errors. Proofreading is suggested after your manuscript has been copyedited, or changes to the manuscript were made and content development is no longer an issue. This service may also be beneficial for authors who find they need some extra clean up on their manuscript after it has been published.

If you’re unsure as to what kind of editing you need, the Novel Publicity website does a great job breaking down the different levels of editing and who does what: http://www.novelpublicity.com/2011/11/finally-an-answer-heres-the-difference-between-line-copy-and-content-editing/


Website Content Editing
This includes editing the content of your website. I’ll check for typos, word choice, grammar, and inconsistencies. This service is  for authors and small businesses owners.
Price includes two rounds of editing and the review up to five pages on your website.