About Me

While I’m not new to the book world, I am new to the editing world. I’m an experienced beta reader and while beta reading I noticed that in addition to story suggestions, I was correcting spelling and grammar issues. I tried to ignore them, BUT I COULDN’T! I swear they taunted me. I’d know when something just didn’t sound correct but couldn’t identify why, so with the encouragement of a friend, I enrolled in the online copyediting and proofreading certification program offered by at the UC San Diego Extension and completed (and passed) the course in December. I wanted to be able to justify and defend why I thought something was off as I was reading. I knew there was more to editing than being a reader and detailed oriented and I wanted to learn what that “more” was.

I find I can’t turn the “editor” off. I’m constantly correcting Facebook posts in my head and picking out errors in everything I read or find myself thinking, “Hmmmm, that could’ve flowed a little better if that sentence was here and that paragraph was there.” My primary experience is with New Adult, Contemporary, and Erotic romance fiction. 

Holly’s Red Hot Reviews is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association

How can we work together?

E-mail me at hollysredhotreviews@gmail.com! If you’re interested in working with me and you’re publishing for the first time, or you’re an author whose style I’m unfamiliar with, I do ask that you provide a sample of your work (about five pages from the middle of your manuscript). The sample will be copyedited and returned to you with a quote. This will give us an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with each other’s style. If we find we’re a good fit to work together, we can proceed and discuss your expectations and schedule.
If I feel I wouldn’t be a good fit for your work I’ll let you know, or if you feel I wouldn’t be what you need, this would be the time to let me know. YOU WILL NOT HURT MY FEELINGS, I promise!
If I’ve worked with you as a beta reader or reviewed your work in the past a sample won’t be necessary.

If I feel that your manuscript could benefit from further rewrites or beta reading and is not ready for editing, I will tell you. I can’t in good conscience take money for a project that’s not ready for editing.

Once you’ve sent your manuscript to me, I’d ask that you make no further changes without letting me know. Multiple working docs can increase the risk of introducing errors into the manuscript. You’re welcomed to contact me as I work and I’m always available to answer questions about copy edits after I’ve returned your final copy to you. Again, my goal is to work with you to make your manuscript the best it can be and to ensure it’s clear, coherent, consistent, and correct!

The guides I follow. . .
I adhere to Chicago Manual of Style, 16th Edition, Webster’s Thesaurus for alternate word suggestions, and Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary for any spelling issues. However, as a reader, I understand that fiction has gray areas in terms of style, vocabulary, and usage  and I’m ok with bending the rules to maintain your style and voice. If there’s anything I’m unsure of, I’ll ask.