Review: Everything is Awful: And Other Observations by Matt Bellassai

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Review: Everything is Awful: And Other Observations by Matt BellassaiEverything is Awful by Matt Bellassai
on October 24, 2017
Published by Atria Books, Simon and Schuster Format: eARC
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From the break-out star of BuzzFeed and the People’s Choice Award-winning comedian behind the web series “Whine About It” and “To Be Honest” comes a collection of hilariously anguished essays chronicling awful moments from his life so far, the humiliations of being an adult, and other little indignities.

Matt Bellassai has no idea what he’s doing. Well, to be fair, he did become semi-Internet famous by getting drunk at work, making him a socially-acceptable—nay—professional alcoholic. He’s got some things figured out. But the rest is all just a terrible, disgusting mess.

This is Matt’s book. Just to clarify, though, it is absolutely not a memoir; Matt is far too young to have done anything worth remembering (though he did win an actual People’s Choice Award for his BuzzFeed web series, “Whine About It,” which is pretty good, if you ask his mother). This is also most certainly not a book of advice; he is too woefully ill-prepared for life to offer anything in the way of counsel (though that won’t stop him from talking). Call this a collection of awful moments that led to his grumbling, blundering adulthood—a chronicle of little indignities that, when taken together, amount to a life of hilarious anguish.

With keen wit and plenty of self-deprecation, Matt reveals how hard it is to shed his past as the Midwest’s biggest nerd, that one time a taquito nearly murdered him at his brother’s surprise birthday party, and the time he came out to his friends and family (the closet was a bit messy). Matt also wrestles with the humiliations of adulthood, like giving up on love in New York City, living alone with no one to heat his microwave dinners, and combating the inner voice that tells him to say aloud all the things the rest of us are smart enough to keep to ourselves.

You probably don’t need this book, but let’s be honest—you do. Since you’re already reading, you might as well pull up a chair, grab your glass(es) of wine, and enjoy.

I received this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I first found Matt through his BuzzFeed “Whine About It” videos on Facebook, thanks to my healthy addiction to all things BuzzFeed lol. Now I faithfully follow his “TBH” videos posted on his own Facebook page and nod in agreement each week as he guzzles his bottle of wine and vents about relevant problems that plague this world. Granted, they’re first world problems, but still. He gets me. He’s my ginger spirit animal and I want to be his BFF. Seriously, how do I get that to happen?!?!? His debut book was a must read and it didn’t disappoint. It’s a hilarious inside glimpse into Matt’s life from his childhood, his teen years,  and his coming out of the closet in college. Literally and figuratively. We learn all about what molded and shaped Matt into the fabulous, snarky, sassy man he is today! What I absolutely LOVED about this book was that this WAS written by Matt in his own voice. No one tried to change his style. No one tried to tell him he can’t have a chapter on why teenagers are the worst. And every single reason was on point. As is his take on working out…

It’s no surprise, then, that I’ve grown distrustful of physical activity in my mature state. For me, fitness will always equal shame and pain, broken bones and the bad kind of balls to the face.

Amen, my friend. AMEN.

If you’re a fan of Matt’s videos, you will love this book from start to finish. If you’re like me, your stomach will be hurting from laughter at page two. And if you’ve never heard of Matt before, you MUST RECTIFY THIS IMMEDIATELY OR WE CAN NO LONGER BE FRIENDS! I’ve done you a solid and posted his social media links below in his bio. I’m also giving you the links to his Unhappy Hour podcast because I’m helpful like that. Listen and read now, thank me later.

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About Matt Bellassai

Matt Bellassai is a writer, stand-up comedian, and winner of the 2016 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Social Media Star, which remains his only real accomplishment, besides graduating fourth in his class in high school and losing an election for student body president in college. After the success of his BuzzFeed web series, “Whine About It,” Matt embarked on a solo stand-up career, performing to sold-out audiences around the United States and at least one disastrous not-sold-out audience at a casino in Palm Springs, California. He is the host and producer of his new solo web series, “To Be Honest,” and anchor of the forthcoming podcast, “Unhappy Hour.” Born and coddled in the suburbs of Chicago, he currently lives the poor gay man’s version of Sex and the City, with none of the sex, fashion, or friends. He will almost definitely die alone.


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