Meet Sydney from Elizabeth Reyes’ Fate Series and Enter the Giveaway!

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Meet Sydney from Elizabeth Reyes' Fate Series and Enter the Giveaway!

Again on August 3, 2015
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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With Rage by Elizabeth Reyes releasing on November 20th, she thought she’d take a walk down memory lane to re-introduce you to the other incredible men in her FATE series. Today you’ll be meeting Sydney, from Again.
Which hero is your favorite? I’m an equal opportunity lover, I’ve been loving all of Elizabeth’s men since 2012! 



No regrets. Just lessons learned.

Having lived through the torment of losing his first love to someone else—all because he never spoke up—Sydney Maricopa vowed never to repeat that mistake again.

So when he finally admits he’s fallen for his new best friend, he refuses to lose her too, especially once he realizes his feelings for her might be requited. There’s only one problem.

Her perfect boyfriend.

Still, Sydney’s determined to fight for the girl he loves this time. He has what it takes to go up against Mr. Perfect. Most importantly, he and his new best friend have something even her boyfriend can’t compete with—their profound connection. One he intends to use to win her over.

Until he finds out what she’d be giving up if she chooses Sydney.

Something no one should ever give up. Would he dream of selfishly asking her to? Or should he do the honorable thing and sacrifice his own happiness for hers? Allow the girl he loves to sail off into the sunset with another man as he stands back and watches in agony . . . again?


Meet Sydney

Once back at her apartment she decided she was doing way too much over thinking about this. She’d had friends who were guys before. It was a simple concept. You treat them just as you would any of your girlfriends. Easy peasy. The problem with Sydney was he was so damn good-looking. As laid-back as he was, being around him was still a bit daunting, not to mention breathtaking. She’d been silly enough to think that he’d be less intimidating out of his power suits despite how down-to-earth he was.

“Those muscles and lips and dreamy lashes, oh my. Alright,” she began one of the pep talks she often gave herself as she mixed the flour, poppy seeds, and the rest of the ingredients in a bowl. “Be yourself. Act just like you would you’re around Liv or your brothers. Don’t look at him as a guy – an incredibly handsome guy – with yummy muscles and bedroom eyes that make you tingle in places you have no business tingling. Think of how easy it was to laugh and hang out with him at the repast and the party. The drive home that seemed to be over in a flash. This is the same guy. Don’t ruin this.”


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