Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2014 SALE Spectacular!

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Here’s a list of books on sale for the Thanksgiving weekend of 2014. Some sales are already in effect, some start Black Friday and some start Cyber Monday. Everything on this list is under $5, some books are usually double that! As always, DOUBLE CHECK the prices before you buy. I’m not responsible for any price changes or angry significant others when they see the bank or credit card statements after your one-clicking aftermath lol. My suggestion, buy an Amazon gift card so they can’t see the individual purchases lol!!
*If you don’t see a price, it’s because the sale price may not be in effect just yet. I’ll update once it is*

Jay Crownover
$1.99 ➜Rule:
$2.99 ➜Jet:
$1.99 ➜Rome:
$4.49 ➜Nash:
$2.49 ➜Rowdy:
$3.49 ➜Better When He’s Bad:
Rebecca Shea
$4.99 ➜Complete Unbreakable Series Boxed Set (iTunes ONLY)
Jojo Moyes
$2.99 ➜Me Before You
J.R. Ward
$2.00 ➜The King
M. Never
$.99 ➜Owned
Author Jamie McGuire
$2.00 ➜Beautiful Oblivion
Alice Clayton
$2.99 ➜Wallbanger
 Alice Clayton
$2.00 ➜Rusty Nailed
 Christina Lauren
$2.00 ➜ Sweet Filthy Boy
 Colleen Hoover
$2.00 ➜Maybe Someday
 Debra Anastasia
$.99 ➜Poughkeepsie
Debra Anastasia
$2.99 ➜Saving Poughkeepsie
Beth Ehemann
$.99 ➜Room For You (Cranberry Inn Book 1)
Beth Ehemann
$.99 ➜Room For More (Cranberry Inn Book 2)
Beth Ehemann
$.99 ➜Room For Just A Little Bit More (Cranberry Inn Book 3)
Gillian Flynn
$2.99 ➜Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn
$2.99 ➜Dark Places
 River Savage Author
$.99 ➜Incandescent: Knights Rebels MC
 Author Tiffany King
FREE ➜The Write Stuff
Author Tiffany King
$.99 ➜ Writing A Wrong
Karen Marie Moning
$1.99 ➜Darkfever
 Abbi Glines
$1.99  ➜Breathe
Abbi Glines
$1.99 ➜Take A Chance
Abbi Glines
$1.99 ➜Hold on Tight
 Abbi Glines
$2.00 ➜Bad For You
Abbi Glines
$1.99 ➜Breathe
Lucia Franco
$.99 ➜You’ll Think of Me
Gretchen De la O
$.99 ➜Almost Eighteen
Maya Banks
$2.50 ➜Giving In
Maya Banks
$2.50 ➜Letting Go Banks
$2.99 ➜Keep Me Safe
Willow Aster
$.99 ➜Maybe Maby
Willow Aster
$.99 ➜True Love Story
Willow Aster
$.99 ➜In the Fields
MC Decker
Melissa Collins
FREE ➜Let Love In
S.L. Scott
FREE ➜Scorned (From the Inside Out Book 1)
S.L. Scott
$.99 ➜Jealously (From the Inside Out Book 2)
S.L. Scott
$.99➜Dylan (From the Inside Out Book 3)
S.L. Scott
$.99➜Austin (From the Inside Out Book 4)
B.A. Wolfe
$.99 ➜Away (The Keaton Series)
Aleatha Romig
Michelle A. Valentine, Corinne Michaels, E.K. Blair, CD Reiss, Claire Contreras, K.A. Linde
$.99 ➜Untied Anthology
Corinne Michaels
$.99 ➜Beloved
K.A. Linde
$4.99➜Avoiding Series Box Set
Faith Andrews
$.99 ➜Back to you (Dreams)
Faith Andrews
$.99 ➜Man of My Dreams
Faith Andrews
$.99 ➜Keep Me (Grayson Siblings Book 1)
Faith Andrews
$2.99 ➜Keep Her (Grayson Siblings Book 2)
Laurelin Paige
$3.99➜The Fixed Trilogy
 Laurelin Paige
$.99 ➜Fixed On You
K. Langston
$.99 ➜Because You’re Mine (MINE #1)
Laura Howard
FREE ➜The Forgotten Ones
J.L. Berg
$.99➜The Ready Series Box Set (Books 1-3)
Rachel Blaufeld
$.99 ➜Electrified (Electric Tunnel Book 1)
Rachel Blaufeld
$1.99 ➜Smoldered (Electric Tunnel Book 2)
Gina Whitley
$1.99 ➜Forgiving Gia
Whitney Gracia Williams
$.99 ➜Mid Life Love: At Last (Mid Life Love Series Book 2)
Seraphina Donovan
FREE  ➜Been Loving You Too Long
Fabiola Francisco
$.99 ➜Perfectly Imperfect
Christy Pastore
$.99 ➜Fifteen Weekends
Melissa Toppen
$.99 ➜Claimed By You
Melissa Toppen
$.99 ➜Consumed (The Breathless Series Book 1)
Melissa Toppen
$.99 ➜Collide (Two Hearts Book 1)
Kari March
$.99 ➜Promise Me Always (Always Series Book 1)
Rebecca Yarros
$.99 ➜Full Measures
Mary Wasowski
$.99 ➜A Changed Life
Mary Wasowski
$.99 ➜Forever
Sara Shirley
$1.99 ➜Frozen Barriers
Sara Shirley
$1.99 ➜Hidden Barriers
Raine Miller
$.99 ➜Cherry Girl
Livia Jamerlan
Gia Riley
$.99 ➜Between the Pain (The Reflection Series Book 1)
Gia Riley
$.99 ➜After the Pain (The Reflection Series Book 2)
Roxy Sloane
FREE ➜The Invitation
Diane Alberts
$.99 ➜Falling for the Groomsman
Amber Hart
➜Before You
Nichole Chase
$.99 ➜Flukes
Nichole Chase
$.99 ➜Recklessly Royal
Jill Prand
$.99 ➜Watch Me Walk Away (Walking Series Book 1)
S.L. Jennings
$3.99➜Fear of Falling
J.D. Hollyfield
$.99 ➜Life in a Rut, Love not Included
Peppers Winters
$.99 ➜Debt Inheritance
A.R. Torre
➜The Girl in 6E
BJ Harvey
$.99 ➜Bliss
BJ Harvey
$.99 ➜Blissful Surrender
Joan Duszynski
$.99 ➜In The Stars
Joan Duszynski
$1.49 ➜In The Now
Jessica Ingro
$.99➜Urban Love Prophecy
Ker Dukey
$.99 ➜FaCade (Deception series Book 1)
Sophie Jordan
$1.99 ➜Foreplay: The Ivy Chronicles
Sophie Jordan
$2.09 ➜Tease: The Ivy Chronicles
KJ Bell
$.99 ➜Irreparably Broken
Laurie Kellogg
FREE ➜A Little Bit of Deja Vu (Return to Redemption, Book 1)
J. Lynn
$1.99 ➜Trust in Me: A Novel (Wait for You)
J. Lynn
$1.25 ➜Be with Me: A Novel (Wait for You Book 2)
E. Lee
$.99 ➜Where There’s Smoke
J. Daniels
$.99 ➜Sweet Addiction
J. Daniels
$.99 ➜Sweet Possession
T.K. Leigh
$.99 ➜The Beautiful Mess Series
Megan Smith
$.99 ➜Forever Light
Madeline Sheehan
$.99 ➜Undeniable
J.M. Stone
$.99 ➜Skin Deep
J.M. Stone
$.99 ➜Under My Skin
J.M. Stone
$1.99 ➜Skin to Skin
Carey Heywood
FREE ➜Being Neighborly
LK Collins
$.99 ➜Every Soul
Beverly Preston
$.99 ➜Shayla’s Story
Beverly Preston
$2.99 ➜The Perfect Someday
E.K. Blair
$.99 ➜Bang
Angela McPherson
$.99 ➜Distraction
D Nichole King
FREE ➜The Spirit (The Spirit Trilogy Book 1)
D Nichole King
$.99 ➜The Body (The Spirit Trilogy Book 2)
D Nichole King
$.99 ➜Love Always, Kate
Victoria Ashley
$.99 ➜This Regret
Sunniva Dee
$.99 ➜Pandora Wild Child:
Sunniva Dee
$.99 ➜Shattering Halos
Cheryl McIntyre
$.99 ➜Always Forever
Cheryl McIntyre
$.99 ➜Dirty (The Five-Part Serial Bundle)
Christine Zolendz
$.99 ➜Fall From Grace
Kristin Vayden
$.99 ➜To Tempt An Earl
Kristin Vayden
$.99 ➜The Forsaken Love of a Lord
John Green
$2.99 ➜The Fault in Our Stars
Kendall Ryan
$.99 ➜Filthy Beautiful Lies
Gayle Forman
$2.99 ➜If I Stay
Diana Gabaldon
$2.99 ➜Outlander (Book 1)
Lexi Ryan
$.99 ➜Accidental Sex Goddess
Rachel Van Dyken
$.99 ➜The Dare
N. Michaels
$.99➜Emerald Eyes
Faith S Lynn      
$2.99➜From Lies to Promises
Eli Chastain      
$.99➜Shutter: Volume One
Eleanor Green 
L.A. Rose           
$.99➜James Games
M Clarke            
FREE➜Something Great
Mary Ting                         
$.99➜From Gods
T.M. Schaefer
$.99➜Sands Through the Hourglass
Stylo Fantome 
$.99➜Degradation (The Kane Trilogy Book 1)
Stylo Fantome 
$.99➜Separation (The Kane Trilogy Book 2)
Jessica Ingro
$.99➜The Taste of Mr. Davenport
Sawyer Bennett
$4.99➜The Off Series Boxed Set
Kristen Luciani 
$.99➜Unlikely Venture
Khloe Adams
$.99➜HOT & GLAZED (Donut Shop Diva Serial Book 1)
Khloe Adams
$.99➜HOT & LEI’D (Donut Shop Diva Serial Book 2)
Khloe Adams
$.99➜ HOT & CUFFED (Donut Shop Diva Serial Miranda’s Book 3)
Khloe Adams
$.99➜ HOT & HOOKED (Donut Shop Diva Serial Miranda’s Book 4)
Joanne Schwehm
$.99➜My Chance
Danielle Jamie 
$.99➜Just For The Summer
Steph Nuss
$.99➜Wanted By You (Love in the City Book 1)
Steph Nuss
$.99➜Fantasized By You (Love in the City Book 2)
Steph Campbell
$.99➜Grounding Quinn
$.99➜Beautiful Things Never Last
$.99➜Friend is A Four Letter Word
Cassia Leo
$.99 ➜Power Players: Four Complete Series
Harper Sloan
Natasha Boyd
$.99 ➜Forever, Jack (Eversea #2)
K.A. Linde
$1.99 ➜Off The Record
K.A. Linde 
$1.99 ➜On The Record
A. Meredith Walters
$.99 ➜Reclaiming The Sand

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