Carrie Elliott’s Cover Me Excerpt Blog Hop- Part Three!

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Today I have part 3 from Carrie Elliott’s, Cover Me three part excerpt hop. You can find part one over with the ladies of Flirty and Dirty Book Blog and part two over with the ladies of TheSubClub Books 


Ex- boy band pop star, Adrian, was only supposed to be a fling, not a relationship. Now the celebrity gossip reporters are saying that Karen, the older woman who seduced him into giving her a job as his assistant, has trapped him in her cougar claws by getting knocked up! Fine, she’s a few years older, but hardly a cougar. And she might have gained a lot of baby weight, but NO, she’s not having twins, so stop reporting it! 

Four weeks out from her due date, Karen is freaking the freak out. How did this happen? How can Adrian, the guy her friends dubbed an unholy emotional robot for his lack of letting anything get to him, take fatherhood seriously? How could having a baby not ruin the career of a man young women lust over? How could he be anyone’s dad and how could she be a mom when she can’t even keep a fish alive? 

But when Adrian says, “It’s all good, babe. I’ve got it covered,” Karen should listen to him. 


Bess collapsed against my chest. We didn’t move, just sat there together catching our breath and letting the last waves roll through us. It had been a long time since I’d gotten off with a woman without being inside her. Bess and I humped like horny, teen virgins, but it seemed right. That’s where we were picking up from anyway.
I stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d wanted to stay still, not move from one spot, but this was a pretty damn good spot.
She sniffed and I felt something wet trickle down my abs. “Bess?” I held her back from me and lifted her chin. Tears streaked her cheeks. “Did you not want that? I thought–”
“I wanted it. But, I know I’m going to regret it.”
I held her face between my hands and kissed her forehead. How could she be crying when I was on top of the world? “It was only–”
She covered my mouth with a hand. “It’s never only anything with you.”
Since her proclamation was said with tears this time, I got the gist that it was a bad thing. “It’s whatever you want it to be, Bess. Okay?”
I helped her stand up, found her glasses and tucked myself back into my underwear. We were both a bit wet and sticky and needed to change. I ran a hand over my hair and walked to the dresser, pulled out a G.O. t-shirt and a pair of my boxer briefs for her. “Of everything I own, these will probably fit you the best.” Any of my pants would fall right off of her. She’d need to roll the waistband down on the underwear as it was.
I handed them to her and led her to the master bathroom. “You can take a bath or a shower if you want. Take as much time as you need. I’ll meet you back outside.”
I didn’t know what else to do. I’d never made a woman come then immediately cry before. My odds didn’t look good for getting to next time.

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