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Author: Anne Hansen
Age group: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover designer: Anne Hansen
Organized by: WordSmith Publicity

An incredible stroke of luck lands Vin Moretti a plea bargain—he spends his summer slaving at a country club instead of rotting in a jail cell. He plans to keep his head down and avoid the trust fund brats.

He never expects to fall for a gorgeous, amazing girl way out of his league.

When Keira McCabe falls in love with Vin Moretti, it’s head-over-heels, crazy, incredible love. She’s sure nothing can ruin what they have…but she has no idea how far Vin will go to protect her from the one thing he’s most afraid of: himself.

Summer ends, and Keira returns to the sprawling suburbs where she belongs, while Vin slinks back to the wrong side of the tracks and his old trouble-making ways. They promise to make long-distance love work.

It’s just dumb luck that her father’s unexpected demotion moves Keira smack in Vin’s gritty neck of the woods. Vin realizes he’ll need do whatever it takes to keep Keira safe—even if it means shutting the person he loves the most out of his dangerous life completely.

When Vin turns his back on Keira at her lowest moment, it finally hits her: she was never going to be anything more than his dirty little secret. Her life as she knows it has been torn to shreds, but she’s determined to make the best of it…with or without the guy she gave her heart to over the summer.

Vin starts to have second thoughts about his decision when he realizes how empty life is without Keira around. The problem is, Keira’s learned her lesson, and she isn’t about to be used again.

Vin realizes he’s going to have to pull out all the stops and turn his life around if he wants to make Keira finally his.

“Don’t come at me like that, bro,” he says, his eyes glinting like a predator’s. He’s clearly high as a damn kite. “Don’t try any shit, because if you’re looking for trouble, you found it.”
I can see Keira’s face behind the fogged-up window. She’s bone white and wide-eyed, and it fills me with crazy rage that these lowlifes are scaring her like this. I don’t want to lose it—not tonight, not mid-boost, not in front of Keira, the one person who sees me as something more than a brainless criminal—so I hold my hands up, palms out.
“Back off then,” I say, working hard to keep my voice even and calm. I watch the guy’s rat-like face twitch, his beady eyes darting back and forth. “Get away from my girl’s truck, and we don’t need to get into anything.
His two scrawny buddies look me up and down, lose interest, and shuffle back to their smoking burn barrel on the shore. But he stays put.
He tosses the blade from one hand to the other and rocks on the balls of his feet. “I don’t think so. This park is ours, not yours. How ‘bout you fuck off.”
And he smiles, his teeth jagged and half rotted from all the meth he’s been smoking. He looks excited, like he’s bloodthirsty for this fight. Like he loves the power trip of having some girl trapped in her car and scared shitless. He’s the lord of this disgusting little kingdom, and he’s willing to fight for it.
There’s not a lot I can do. I walk forward, hands still up, like I want to get a little closer, and wait until I’m in swinging distance. I’ve got a long reach, and when it’s time, I let loose.
There’s no fight. Not really anyway.
It’s just me landing three or four solid shots to his ugly face while the guy screams and tries to stop up the blood pouring from his nose. His knife clatters onto the gravel and he scurries away, choking on his own blood. I watch to make sure he’s not gathering a posse, and when I’m positive he’s gone to lick his wounds under the dilapidated bridge, I turn to the truck.
I grab onto Keira’s door handle, jerking at it before she has a chance to yank up the lock. When we finally coordinate, I practically rip it off its hinges and tear her out of her seat, running my hands over her like I’m checking for anything that might be broken or damaged.
“I’m fine, Vin, really, I’m okay. Just shaken up.” She lays her hands on my chest and rests her head between them, her ear over my runaway heart. “I’m so glad you’re here.”
For a few seconds I just crush her tight to me, trying to get myself under control. Those couple of minutes when I didn’t know whether she was okay or not feel like they scraped a decade off my life. But once I know for sure she’s fine, my temper flares.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I demand.
Keira steps back and glares at me. “What do you mean? What was I doing? They attacked me. Why are you acting like I did something wrong?”
“Don’t,” I snap, throwing my hands up. “Just…don’t, Keira.”
“Don’t what?” She bites her lip and mumbles a few frustrated curse words. “You know what, Vin? You can’t do this.”
“Do what?” I demand, stalking back toward her until we’re inches away. “Drive halfway across town like a fucking mad mad to save you from a bunch of lowlife assholes you never should have run into in the first place?” My head feels like it’s going to explode.
My mind flashes back to that night, this park, all that blood, the body of someone in the wrong place at the wrong time when monsters were roaming, thirsty for innocent blood.
A night just like tonight.
I remember his body, so limp in my arms, I was sure I was transporting a corpse to the hospital.
Tonight, that could have been her.
Tonight, that could have been Keira, and I wouldn’t have stopped at beating some punks up…they would have had to bring me in for murder.

Finally Mine was a fun read for me. Vin was a lovable bad boy and I liked Keira, she didn’t take Vin’s crap and she called him out on everything, plus she had a touch of bad ass, I liked hearing her stories about her car racing with her mom. Their story entertained me and kept me reading straight through from start to finish. The sweet, tender moments between Vin and Keira made me sigh, I loved seeing them just being themselves with the other. Keira never cared that Vin was from the wrong side of the tracks and when Keira ended up on that side of the tracks herself, Vin did everything he could to keep her safe, even though some of his ideas (like him pushing her away) made me want to shake him lol! We also get great secondary characters with Keira’s BFF’s, Lily and David. They were fun and I liked how they took Keira under their wing. Overall I really liked Finally Mine, I liked the writing and banter and Anne gave me a nice blend of drama, romance, steamy swoony moments and a few action scenes that made my heart pound. I look forward to the next book (about a different couple, don’t worry this is a stand-alone)

Anne Hansen is a die-hard romantic who loves fast cars, unsung heroes, and those crazy, funny conversations that make you laugh so hard, you end up in tears with stomach cramps. She likes to travel and has been all kinds of cool places–like Knoebels Theme Park, the biggest Paul Bunyan statue in Minnesota, and Paris. She loves listening to indie music, sitting around the campfire with her awesome family, and obsessively flipping through celebrity Instagram accounts (don’t judge). But, most of all, she loves reading books and writing them, and she’s excited to share her greatest passion with other book lovers!


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