Until We Burn by Courtney Cole – Chapter Seven!

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I am excited as a kid on Christmas! Today I get to share with you the next chapter in Courtney Cole’s Until We Burn serial 🙂 Get to know Courtney’s newest bad boy, Dominic Kinkaide a little better before his debut on December 3rd in Before We Fall 
Dominic Kinkaide does bad, bad things. 

As a 24-year old actor with the world on a string, not many women tell Dominic no. In a life where no doesn’t exist, he stretches the boundaries between what is right, what is wrong and what is downright depraved. Dark and damaged, Dom wants no commitments. 

He wants no attachments. 
He only wants to disappear into the taboo, into a place where he feels something. 
But when the aching need to disappear into the darkness is the only thing he has left, Dominic flounders. In a world that is hollow and sexual, without a guiding light or a reason to breathe, Dominic is lost and broken. He knows he’ll never be fixed. So he makes a decision. 
If he’s going to hell, he might as well make it worth it. 

By: Courtney Cole
 Chapter Seven
 “You took long enough,” Amy whines when I finally come out of the bathroom and find her. She’s sitting with Tara on the veranda, in the darkened corner that I had recently vacated. 
Tara looks up at me, her eyes glazed over in a drug-induced haze.  I sigh, seeing only the talent that she’s getting ready to waste.  I’ve seen it a hundred times.  Actresses come into the industry, show so much promise and then self-implode on their way to the top.  I can see right now Tara Linwood won’t last. 
“I don’t rush,” I shrug my shoulders.  “But I’m ready to go now.”
Amy lifts an eyebrow.  “Oh, really?  And where are you ready to go?”
I grin.  “Someplace where the lights are red.”
Amy’s eyes widen as she realizes what I’m talking about. The infamous Red Light district in Amsterdam, where prostitution is legal and kink of any nature can be bought. 
She grins.  “You surprise me, Dom.  I wouldn’t think that you’d risk getting seen someplace like that. You know the paparazzi are everywhere.”
I shake my head.  “We’ll be careful.  Are you in?”
She nods. “Of course.  I’ll bring Tara.”
I glance at her friend, who is now leaning on Amy’s shoulder.
“Can she walk?” I ask dubiously.  Amy scowls at Tara, before pushing her off her shoulder.
“We’ll find out.”
She yanks Tara to her feet and together, they stumble toward the door.  I watch for just a second before shaking my head.
This is going to be too easy. 
For one split moment, I almost feel guilty, but then I tamp that emotion down.  Amy deserves no pity.  I’ve seen her verbally lash stagehands into tears for such small offenses as not making sure her water was cold enough.  Her heart is black and she deserves anything I give her….particularly since she thought she could control me. 
Not gonna happen.
I follow them to a car and within minutes, we have arrived in the Red Light district of Amsterdam.
The streets are wet and dark as we walk down them, glancing into the windows that line the street.  Women sit in rooms, waiting for customers, as the red lights flicker over their heads. 
I meet the gaze of one woman, a pretty dark haired woman.  Her eyes light up as she sees me and she grins, revealing yellowed teeth.  I cringe. 
Not gonna happen. 
“Gross,” Amy scowls.  “It looks like the city’s leftovers are here.  Let’s go someplace else.”
She starts to turn around, but I catch a glimpse of another window down the street, one that houses two women.  I put my hand on Amy’s arm.
We walk a bit closer, then closer still, all the while, Amy is practically holding up Tara. 
The two girls look like sisters, identical shoulder-length blonde hair, large green eyes, slip hips.  They’re dressed in identical lingerie and are sitting in the same identical pose, perched atop two tall stools.
“Twins,” Amy breathes, turning to stare at me, her eyes widened.  “Yes.”
I have to grin at the possibilities. 
“Where are we?” Tara mumbles, her head rolling around on her neck like a broken bobble-head doll.  I raise an eyebrow at Amy. 
She scowls and slaps Tara’s face lightly, then harder.  “Wake the fuck up, Tara,” she snaps.  “You’ve got to grow up and learn how to handle your liquor better.”
I gaze at her.  “I doubt that the liquor is her problem.”
Amy ignores my meaning and shakes Tara’s arm as we ring the bell next to the window.  One of the girls comes forward and speaks through the speaker.
“We want to hire you,” Amy says firmly.  “Let us in.”
“Payment first,” the girl answers, just as firmly, holding Amy’s gaze.  Amy frowns, but we do as requested, pushing our payment through a little window.  After the transaction is complete, we’re buzzed in.  I glance around the dingy hallway as we make our way to the door. 
It opens immediately.
“Welcome,” the blond girl purrs now, motioning for us to come inside.  Her sister is on the bed and the shades have been drawn. 
“I’m Anika,” the standing girl says.  “And that is Anna.  We’re here to please you.  What would you like?”
Amy shoves Tara onto the bed and then pulls at me, but I stand fast. 
“I’m going to watch,” I tell Anika. “So I’d like the four of you to give me something interesting to see.”
Anika eyes Tara skeptically.  “Well, three of us can do that,” she finally answers.  But Tara is scowling again. 
“What the fuck, Dom?” she demands.  “You’re not going to watch.  You’re here to participate.”
She stands with her hands on her hips, her eyes shooting sparks.  But I’m calm.
“Amy, do you really want our first time to be here…. In a dingy room with three other people?”
She pauses, relaxing a tiny bit.
“Make me horny,” I suggest. “Then we’ll go back to my hotel room and take it from there.”
She hesitates, but only for a split second. 
“Fine.”  She lifts her chin.  “What would you like to see?  What would make you horny, Dominic?”
I settle onto a tall stool, my feet crossed in front of me. 
“Lick her,” I gesture toward Anika.  “Then her,” and I point at Anna.  “Then they both can lick you.  Do you have your pierced toy in your purse?”
Amy shakes her head, but Anika chimes in.  “We have a whole cabinet of toys.”
“Perfect,” I smile.  “I’ll give you a toy when the time is right.”
They nod and words fade away as they pile into the bed. Clothing comes off and sex noises fill the room.  Wet noises, moaning, sucking.  Whimpers.  Sighs. 
I can see that Amy is enjoying herself, just as I can see that Tara has passed out against the wall.  It doesn’t matter. I’m not here for Tara.
After everyone has been sufficiently licked, I find a toy in the cabinet, a two-headed dildo.  A head for the front and one for the back. 
I hand it to Anika.   “Use this on her.  She likes it up the ass.”
Amy’s eyes are unfocused as the three women continue.  Hands are everywhere, on soft female thighs and plump female lips.  It’s enough to lift my dick, but I don’t concentrate on that. 
Instead, I can’t help but ponder how I got to this point.  A twinge of pain pulls at my belly as I think of a pair of blue eyes, innocent eyes.  Eyes that loved me.  Eyes that decimated me. 
She would horrified if she knew I was here, if she knew how far I’ve fallen into the darkness.  I swallow hard and reach into my pocket, fingering her necklace and steeling my heart. 
She’s not here. 
She’ll never be here. 
Bile rises from my stomach as I remember her…as I remember what happened.  What I caused. I swallow the ugly taste and swallow again, hard.  Forcing the memories from my mind, I turn my attention back to the present and the women debauching themselves in front of me. 
No one controls Dominic Kinkaide. Not anymore.  I don’t have a heart left to control.  
Since the women are all distracted with each other, I pull out my phone and snap pictures.  And when I’m done with that, I turn on the video camera. 
It only takes a couple of minutes to get what I need. 
And for Amy to get what she needs.  She moans and writhes on the bed as Anika brings her to orgasm, her hands twisting in the sheets beside her.  Her face is sweaty, her eye make-up smeared.
As she comes, she calls out and holds my gaze.  She lies limp for a moment, and then the twins get up matter-of-factly, straightening their hair and putting their lingerie back on, preparing for the next customers.
Amy is limp as we walk to the car and I almost have to carry Tara. 
The ride to the hotel is quiet as Amy leans into me, spent from her kinky sex with the prostitutes. 
She puts a hand on my thigh as our driver pulls up to the curb in front of the hotel. 
“Come to my room,” she says throatily, her hands smelling like sex. 
I lift an eyebrow.  “For what?  You already came tonight.  I’m sure you’re exhausted.”
Her eyes narrow and she grips my leg tighter.  “Dominic, I already told you what would happen if you don’t fuck me tonight.  You don’t want to risk that, trust me. Because I meant what I said.”
I stare at her, my eyes hard as I lift her fingers from my thigh and squeeze them firmly in my hand.  Not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to get my point across. 
“Amy, you’re a bitch.  And I don’t give a flying fuck if you walk away from me tonight.”
She snarls, her face twisting into something ugly.  “Don’t you know by now? I always get what I want.  And trust me, if you walk away from me, I swear to Christ that I’ll make up a fantastic story about being jilted by you for the studio heads.  They’ll be so pissed at you that they might fire you.  Do you want that?”
I smile now, amused as I pull out my phone.  Quickly, I find the video of her with the prostitutes on my phone.  She gasps as she watches Anika fucking her with the dildo. 
“I doubt they would be pissed at me when they hear that I broke up with you because this video leaked online.  Obviously, they would understand that I just can’t be linked to something so scandalous. And they wouldn’t want to be linked to you, either. You’d be the one fired, Amy.  Not me.  So tread lightly.”
I pause with my fingers poised over the button that would link the video to YouTube. 
“I’m going to get out of this car and you’re never going to try and put me into a corner again.  I don’t like ultimatums.  You’re going to go your way, I’m going to go mine.  We’ll work together.  I won’t say anything bad about you, and you won’t say anything bad about me. And this video will stay on my phone.  But the first time I get a hint that you’re spreading shit about me to the studio heads, this video will be anonymously submitted to every possible gossip site online within minutes. Got it?”
Amy stares at me with poison in her eyes.  “You’re a fucking dickhead, Dominic.  And you’ve fucked with the wrong woman.  Someday, I’ll fuck you back…so hard that your asshole will bleed.”
I roll my eyes at that visual as I open the car door and get out. 
“Well, until then,” I say calmly, and I close my door. 
I feel her astonished gaze burning into my shoulder blades as I walk away and leave her in the car with Tara passed out on the seat beside her. 
I don’t feel vindicated.  I don’t feel good.  I just feel empty, like always. But at least I’ve got Amy off my back and I won’t have to deal with her anymore. 
I make my way to my hotel room and as I do, I find police officers swarming the lobby and in the elevators.  I turn to one. 
“What happened?”
He looks at me, shaking his head wearily and speaking with a heavy accent.
“An American rock band is having a wild party with under-age girls,” he growls.  “Fecking celebrities. They think they don’t follow the same rules.”
I stare at him, not responding, because I know that we don’t. We don’t follow the same rules.  I get off on my floor and as soon as I do, I pick up the phone to call Tally.  He answers on the first ring. 
“You’ve got a mess to clean up,” I tell him.  “And it’s not mine.

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