Melody Grace exclusive: The prologue from her upcoming With Every Heartbeat

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Ok, if you follow me or read my reviews you KNOW I love Melody Grace and her writing (one day I hope to tell her that face to face at a signing) her Beachwood Bay series is a favorite of mine and I was ecstatic to learn that she’s got a new series coming out VERY soon! Book #1 in her new Cities of Love series, With Every Heartbeat releases on November 8th, and today, for the first time EVER you can read the prologue before With Every Heartbeat release next week <3 
Rome. The city of young lovers, old secrets, and intoxicating new desire… 
I thought I knew what I wanted in life. I thought my destiny was set. Then I met him, and everything changed. 

Raphael is bold, passionate, and seductive. He sees something in me I never dreamed possible, and now he’s determined to show me a world beyond rules — a dance without limits. I want to trust him, but I’m scared. Because I know once I fall, there’ll be no going back. 

An innocent dancer. A mysterious stranger. As Annalise is drawn deeper into the romantic delights of Rome, she’ll question everything she believed about her future. But with opening night looming, can she find the strength to risk it all? And will she be forced to choose between her one true love, ballet, and the new passion in her heart?

:The Prologue to With Every Heartbeat:


(The beginning)
There are some things in life we know to be true, beyond logic or reason, science or faith. Irresistible truths, they’re called, the things we seem to instinctively grasp, as if the knowledge were imprinted deep in our DNA, written on the very fiber of our souls.
            For as long as I can remember, I’ve known I would be a dancer. From the moment my mother laced a pair of tiny pink ballet slippers on my feet, my destiny was set. I would be just like her, a prima ballerina, one of the greats; gliding across those hallowed stages, moving my audience to tears. Nothing else mattered. Nothing would ever be so true.
            Or so I thought.
            Then I came to Rome. And here, among the ancient statues and the glistening fountains, on the narrow, cobbled streets, and in the bustling piazza squares, I found a new truth. Bold. Passionate. Irresistible.
            His name was Raphael.
            He blazed into my life, bright as a comet, a brilliant supernova that blotted out the sun and sent my careful plans shattering into mere darkness. I burned for him the way I’d never known before; for the first time, I understood what it was to be alive. To dance for joy, not habit; to move with someone, and feel our souls expressed with every movement, with every heartbeat.
            He was a truth I couldn’t deny. But what about my first love, dance? Could I ever choose between them? And if I chose wrong, would I ever be the same again?
            Because that’s the dangerous thing about the truth: once you grasp it, it cannot be un-learned. And once you feel love, real love, you can never forget the taste of those kisses, the sun-drenched mornings, the secret pleasures of the gasping, restless nights.
            Raphael was my truth, but would he be my destiny?
 (I’m in love already)

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