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Can true love be built on lies? A teen on the run seeks relief and redemption in this gripping, romantic read.Leah Kurtz has finally found a place to call home, a town where she and baby Addy can live in peace, far from the drug-infested place she grew up. Chris is one of the best parts of her new life, the only person who’s ever made her feel safe. And now that she’s found him, there’s no way she can tell the truth:
Her real name is Faith, not Leah. She’s seventeen, not nineteen. And the baby isn’t hers—Faith kidnapped her.
Faith’s history catches up with her when a cop starts asking questions and Chris’s aunt spots her picture in the newspaper. She knows it’s time to run again, but if Faith leaves, she’ll lose Chris. If Chris is in love with a lie, though, did Faith ever really have him in the first place?

:My Review:

I started Leap of Faith Saturday night around midnight with the intention of reading for an hour…that hour quickly turned into three and me finishing the book. Jamie hooked me from the synopsis. The story line is nothing like I’ve read before, you don’t see a lot of books out there where a 16 year old girl willingly rescues and flees the state with (technically it’s kidnapping, but once you read the story you’ll see, rescues works too) her newborn baby sister just to prevent her from suffering through the same home life she grew up in. Faith grew up with a neglectful drug addict/prostitute for a mother who cared more about her next fix and man than whether or not her daughters (Faith has an older sister named Hope) had food on the table. The only reason mom was even pregnant again was for the payout. She was playing surrogate for an “associate” of hers. From the start Faith saw that her mom couldn’t be bothered with this baby, she wouldn’t even take care of herself properly during her pregnancy. Between her mother’s behavior and seeing just what kind of conditions the new baby would be living under was enough for Faith to not only come up with her plan but also follow through with it. This is where I couldn’t put my Kindle down, present in the delivery room Faith gets to hold the baby for the first time

“Addy,” I whisper. Once you name it, it’s yours. Someone said that once. I don’t remember who, but it’s true. I named her. She’s mine.”

From this point on Jamie takes us on an emotionally realistic journey of what it’s like to not only be a new mother but to be a single teenage mother trying to make it on your own. This is no reality show here, 
Faith is dealing with tons of baby vomit, dirty diapers, as well as wondering if she’ll be able to put a roof over Addy’s head. She’s all alone in a brand new state where she don’t know a soul and has no one to help her…until she meets Chris *sigh* Chris and his family are absolutely wonderful to her and Addy. I feel like they’re her reward for surviving her God awful childhood and for willingly giving up her own life at 16 in order to give Addy a better life. Her decisions do have consequences though and some of them brought me to tears. Leap of Faith is a book that transcends genre’s. Don’t discount it because it’s a YA book. It’s more than that. There are a few tasteful age appropriate love scenes which I thought were sweet, but not in a creeper sense. It was sweet seeing that young love develop between Faith & Chris. My only wish is that we had more of a resolution at the end, it was left a bit open there. I’m hoping that means we’re getting more because I really NEED to know how things end for Faith, Chris and Addy. I need to know if their love is able to overcome the secrets she kept.

Leap of Faith gets
4 stars 

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Jamie Blair spent most of her teen years choreographing moves for her dance team routines, kissing boys on the couch after her mom went to bed, and pondering the mood enhancement qualities of Lemon Heads when consumed with Diet Coke.  Writing under Kelli Maine, she’s the USA Today bestselling author of Taken. Leap of Faith is her debut New Adult novel. 

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