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This is a twisting story of young love torn in two.

Abigail McCall has been accepted into Juilliard for Ballet. Being nineteen, she’s ready to move out of her tight shell at her parent’s house and in with her new roommates. Abigail finds herself distracted with things she never saw herself doing.

‘Hey, I’m Tucker.

That’s all it took. His own name rolling off his tongue.

With no job and coming from a broken home with a mother who doesn’t care what happens to him, could you blame Tucker for being so secretive? The dark and mysterious Tucker has his sights set on the prim and proper ballerina. So he knows he has to change his self-destructive ways in order to keep Abigail in his life. This means, betraying his closest friends.

Obstacles are thrown at them.

They don’t approve of the ballerina and the poor boy.

The world won’t let Abigail and Tucker be together. What do they have to sacrifice to stay together…

Can the good come out in the bad? Or does someone always end up hurt and alone?

Tucker has nothing, but Abigail has everything to lose…

New Adult Novel. Contains adult situations, sexuality, some violence, and is suited for ages 18 and up.

 Juilliard Or Else
Abigail McCall had one dream since being a small child; she wanted to attend Juilliard School
of Dance for Ballet.  At nineteen, she had her life planned out, attend school and become
a world-class ballerina.
Kyle Tucker grew up in Bushwick, Brooklyn a hellish and dangerous neighborhood where
even if you lived there, you did not go out after dark unless you were looking for trouble.
Tucker grew up basically taking care of himself, his mother a drug addict and a father who
 left years earlier, he did what he could to survive. His dream, to become a tattoo artist.
Alex Blair, young handsome new lawyer in her father’s firm, on his way to becoming
a partner, has his sights set on Abigail; she would be the key to his future!
Funny, how life throws obstacles in the way, some which will change the course their lives
 will follow.
This was a good story; beautiful and talented rich girl meets the sexy but poor man from
the wrong side of town, the attraction immediate. While preparing to start at Juilliard
other family secrets take Abigail/Gabs by surprise and her coping mechanism is unhealthy.
Tucker was swoon worthy but at times, I wanted to strangle him for his line of work
and the secret he kept from Gabs. I disliked Carol from the start, typical mean rich SOB
who couldn’t keep her opinions to herself and always trying to mold Gabs life.
Her roommates Rachel and Jade were quite likable, unfortunately Jade also had
a secret she  kept from her family, one that both Gabs and Rachel try to help her overcome.
This story will touch on subjects that occur daily in the lives of people around us, drugs, bulimia,
cutting, depression, pregnancy and death. It’s how you handle the situation that determines
whether you will win or lose the battle. The author did a great job with each character
and you felt like you knew them, sadness, joy and tears of sorrow will have you
reaching for the tissues. 5*****
“God, Gabs. You do something inside me that makes me want to be a better. You’re pure.
That’s why I gotta go and do this: sever ties, pretty much. That’s the only way I can explain
this right now.  I really like kissing you though.”
“Stay away from Tucker- this is your warning.”
“Gabs, I need you,”  “You have me, only me,”
“She wants you to be with him, right?”

 For a debut I think Nichele did an excellent job! I absolutely loved Tucker & Abigail’s story and was sucked into their world as soon as I started reading. Abigail came from a privileged background growing up living in the best neighborhoods in NYC; on the outside her life seemed perfect but nothing is ever as it seems. Both Abigail and her parents have secrets. Big secrets. Our Tucker on the other hand grew up in Bushwick, with a useless mother more concerned with getting high than caring her young son

“I taught myself to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for my main meal of the day and wash my own clothes in the bathtub”

With that I was in tears listening to Tucker tell us his story!
Our couple meets once Abigail heads off to live her dream of ballet dancing at Juilliard; her two roommates 
get her to go out for coffee one night and Tucker and his friends are at the coffee shop playing pool. The attraction and spark was instant but being Abigail had never been in a relationship she was scared of being hurt, especially by guy like Tucker; he was a little older than her and more experienced. Tucker knew Abigail deserved better, however he was determined to become the man she deserved…

“God, Gabs. You do something inside me that makes me want to be a better person. You’re pure. That’s why I gotta go do this; sever ties, pretty much. That’s the only way I can explain it right now”

While Tucker dreamed of being a tattoo artist, he was raised on the streets and even though he tried to not become a product of his environment; things happen. He did things he didn’t necessarily want to do but you do what you have to do to survive…or in his case help keep his best friend alive. I wasn’t crazy about his choices, but I understood them.

This story was so much more than girl meets boy. This was about two young adults learning to find their way in the world, dealing with overprotective and manipulative parents hell bent on keeping them apart just because Tucker doesn’t come from money, drugs, violence, death and a few others (I don’t want to give everything away now)
It’s about two people in love that, despite everything they face they’re determined to fight for their love
even when everyone else is trying to keep them apart. They made some mistakes…together, but learned that some of the best things in life come from your mistakes.
I’ve read Juilliard or Else once in it’s entirety but I keep finding myself going back to different sections I’ve highlighted or just random ones because I can’t let this one go. I loved all of the characters; each one was an important part of the story but most of all I LOVED the story
For me Juiliard or Else got 5 stars
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