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THIS IS THE SEQUEL to ‘Disastrous’.
Marcus and Mia share a LOVE stronger than others, but their relationship was built on LIES and deceit.
Cautiously, they continue to struggle for what they desire more than anything, each other.
Though, that comes with a price …one that involves more HEARTBREAK and deception.
Can they survive another disastrous path?
Is their love strong enough to defeat all the obstacles, all of the BETRAYAL?
Not all broken relationships are repairable, but Marcus and Mia try their hardest to fight for themselves and for each other.

In order to read Cautious you HAVE to read the first book Disastrous and trust me, you’ll thank me when you’re done 😉 
I read Disastrous and Cautious both within two days, back to back. I couldn’t put either one down; I was a like a woman possessed! 

Right from the start E.L. sucks us in like a Dyson with the prologue! I was “Oh noooo’ing and “this has GOT to be a dream” from the start! I found myself reading holding my breath at times wondering when that part would happen. Oh and it’s told from both Marcus & Mia’s POV and you know how I LOVVEEEE a dual POV! I highly suggest you start this book when you have the time to read from start to finish uninterrupted. Cautious picks up after Disastrous leaves off. Mia and Marcus decide to give their relationship another try but, in order to keep from making the same mistakes again Mia decides she and Marcus need to remove the physical aspect from their relationship and focus on getting to know one another. Now…never fear the no nooky is only for two weeks and I promise you E.L. makes it up to us…the sex that occurs between these two through the entire book totally…

(is it getting hot in here?)

especially this one scene; You’ll NEVER look at a movie theater the same way again.

Marcus is and ALWAYS will be a powerful, hot, sexy, successful alpha male and a man like that will
always make me wonder…

In Cautious one of the things I enjoyed seeing, was the slight change in Marcus. While he remains all of the things I mentioned above, he seemed to mature a little more to me. I don’t know if E.L. intended this or not but,  it seems like he starts to thinks twice about his actions and how they’d affect him and subsequently Mia. 

“I had this feeling deep down that I couldn’t live without her. When you finally find a person who makes you feel alive, how could you possibly breathe if she were gone? I knew I couldn’t.”

We know the kind of life he lives and he FINALLY breaks down and tells Mia everything about his “other” life. She doesn’t like it of course but she loves him and accepts him regardless which is one of the things I absolutely love about her! No matter what, she is 100% completely committed to him and their relationship and she’s strong enough to deal with his lifestyle and still stand by her man and have his back through everything. 

“You can’t help who you fall in love with. Yet I had fallen in love with a man that most women would run away from. Even after finding out about it all—his lifestyle, his involvement with the mafia, his knowledge of my brother’s death, and the constant lies—I fell in love with this man who had turned my world upside down in such a short period of time. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stay away, and I would never walk away again.”

Now, while secrets come to light it opens the door for more threats to surface…we find out allies aren’t who we really think they are and sometimes the best intentions and best laid plan go HORRIBLY wrong…at one point I was just a mess…

I was…

“I broke down, and I didn’t care how much less of a man it made me, because I wasn’t a man at all without her in my life. She made me more of a man than I could ever be. She was the reason that I wanted to start over again and become a better man.”

At the time I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hug or shake E.L. for making me feel what these characters were feeling so much, but now, I’d definitely go with hug. I love when a writer gives us such well written characters  plus a story that captivates you we don’t read what they’re feeling, we feel it right along with them and that’s exactly what happened here. E.L truly has a talent in bringing her characters and story to life. Both Cautious and Disastrous have been hard for me to walk away from. I read them weeks ago but I can still remember everything like it was yesterday, I can’t walk away from them. I keep finding myself going back to my Kindle  to re-read my favorite highlighted parts

Cautious is an absolute 5+ read for me 

Cautious (Disastrous, #2)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
If the prologue doesn’t get to you, I don’t know what will. That alone and I was drawn back in with all the memories of Marcus and Mia from Disastrous. The story picks up where Disastrous ended, the two are reunited after a gut-wrenching break up.
They decide to start over, take it slow, get to know one another better, and no more lies between them.

“I feel that sex has become the basis of our relationship and that we need to focus on actually getting to know each other.”

kissing gif photo: 123-1.gif

That’s easier said than done, Marcus is still involved with the mob, one Lou Sorrento the mob boss. As much as Marcus would like to get out of the business he knows that’s impossible, or is it.

gun gif photo: Matrix Gun Fire matrix-1d12.gif

Marcus, a handsome and sexy man, one who knows how to give Mia what she wants, what she needs, what she craves.

“God, Mia, I want you so bad.” “I’m yours, Marcus. You just have to take me.”

sexy gif photo: 10000021929_1805252964.gif
And he did just that!

Mia’s not ready commit just yet, a rocky start still burns in her mind and she know they have a lot of work to do to mend them.
She’s a helluva lot stronger than me, one look from Marcus and I’d melt on the floor like an ice cube in heat wave!

water gif photo: water droplet gif droplet.gif

The hot and scrumptious sex scenes will have you breathing hard and wishing you were the one on the other end of Marcus’s touch!

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As events unfold and the mob brings Marcus in deeper people will be hurt, some will be killed and tears will fall.

:Bonus Scene:

Copyright 2013 @ E.L. Montes

Covering my eyes with both hands, I slightly spread my fingers to take a sneak peek. Michael, with wide-brown eyes sat patiently in his high chair. Slapping his dimple-knuckled hand along the wooden surface, his lips curled into a grin. I bit down to keep from laughing as I watched him slowly tilt his head from side-to-side, waiting for it. After a few seconds had past, I quickly removed my hands from my face and yelled, “Peek-a-boo.” And there it was, the same reaction as it’d been the past few days: he slightly jerked back, eyes wide, and then erupted into a full belly laugh. It was impossible for me not to laugh along with him.
Within the past six months since Michael was born, I loved waking up and witnessing his new discoveries: from just a few weeks old, as he made simple facial features, to the first time he chuckled. I was in awe every single day by him. Besides Mia, my son, was the best thing that I could’ve ever asked for.
As soon as Michael’s laughter receded, I heard the front door open. “Marcus, where are you?” Mia shouted out.
“In the kitchen!” I respond and then turned my attention back on our son, “Uh oh, your mommy’s home, she’s going to be upset with us.” He cooed, and if I had known any better I would’ve thought he was agreeing with me in his own language.
Mia walked in and placed her backpack on the island. With a big smile she made her way toward us by the table, but then she came to a complete halt. “Marcus.” She gasped as she took in our six month baby boy, covered in carrot flavored baby food. “Everyone will be here in less than half an hour for dinner.” Her eyes traced to me with a glare, “All you had to do was get him ready.”
Pressing my lips together I stood, reached down and grabbed Michael. As I leaned into him, I whispered, “Help me out here buddy. Okay?” He blinked and slapped his hand along my nose, and then laughed. After I recovered from his assault I turned and made my way over to Mia. “We were having fun. Father-son time and I lost track of the time.” I kissed her forehead the moment I reached her, “Come on, how can you resist this face?” I stretched my arms to place Michael face-to-face with his mother. His legs dangled as his arms spiraled out of control reaching out for her.
Mia’s lips curved into a grin. She grabbed him and snuggled him against her chest. “I couldn’t, he’s the spitting image of you.” She kissed his cheek. “I guess I’d better get him ready.”
“No, I’ll do it, go and get ready yourself. Besides, we’re celebrating your last exam.”
She gave Michael another kiss and passed him back to me, “I know. You have no idea how happy I am that I’m finished with school.” She sighed. “Well, I’m just going to take a quick shower and try to be ready soon. If you need any help let me know.”
“Mia, I have everything under control. Take your time.” She hesitated, then smiled, and kissed me before heading up stairs.
After a half-hour, Michael was dressed in the outfit Mia laid out earlier for him. Michael and I then entertained everyone that had arrived for dinner to celebrate Mia’s accomplishments. I had setup this dinner a few weeks ago. Mia had been working hard to finish school on time. Even during her pregnancy with Michael, she didn’t want to stop. She said she had come so far to give-up now. I’ve been picking up and helping more with Michael. Which I don’t mind at all, she was busy, trying to adjust with motherhood and continuing her degree. I admired how strong, confidant, and determined she was.
Once Mia was ready we all sat around the dinner table. Jeremy and Megan recently engaged took a seat first. Jimmie and Elle sat opposite of them. My mother set the last dish on the table and took a seat beside me. Mia’s grandparents also seated with us have been a part of her life, since she’d met them. Never missing anything we’ve invited them too. Mia’s mother who Mia had grown very close sat beside Mia.
We all chatted and laughed at the table, until my mother clank a fork along her wine glass. “I would like to say something.” She stood from her chair. Everyone went silent as we gave her our full attention. “The past couple years have been probably the best in my entire existence. Seeing my boys happy for the first time in a very long time it’s a feeling that every mother would want for their children.” She sniffed back a few tears and continued, “I just want to say to Mia, thank you, for walking into my son’s life. You have no idea, how grateful I am to have: a beautiful, loving, strong, and intelligent woman as his wife. He’s lucky to have you. Congratulations, on all of your success.”
Mia stood up with tearful eyes and hugged my mother, whispering thank you.
“I would like to say something as well.” Jeremy stood. Oh God. “Mia, I love you. You’re like my little sister, and as much as your childbirth has traumatized me for life, ever since you invited me into the delivery room, I just want to say that you did it.” He raised his glass, “Congrats.”
“Jeremy, you snuck into the delivery room, I didn’t invite you in!” Mia glared his way.
Jeremy quickly brought his hands to his ears and tightly squeezed his eyes shut, “Please don’t remind me!”
Everyone laughed. I looked over at Michael who was joining in on the fun. I reached down and grabbed him. “What are you laughing about buddy?” I kissed his forehead.
Mia leaned in and kissed both of us on the cheek, with a wide grin she said, “I love my boys.”
“And we love you.”

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