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We are all pawns in some one else’s game.” 

No one knows this better than Violet Phillips. When her beloved mentor goes missing, she suspects murder, which sends her spiraling out of control and away from the stable life she has built for herself. Soon, her past will begin seeping out with a vengeance. 

“I will teach you how this game is played.”

Self-destruction threatens to consume Violet when a handsome neighbor that has been watching her from afar intervenes on her behalf. Shepard Leone may be six years younger, but it does not stop him from seducing her ears as well as her heart. 

“Fascinating how much life can change in twenty-four hours.”

When Violet is forced to go down a dark road into a past where she must confront the demons that nearly destroyed her, will she be unable to deviate? Struggling with the loss of her missing friend, Shepard will find a way in and reawaken desires that she thought were forever lost. But Violet never forgets that if you are not careful, distractions will be your undoing.

:My interview with JL:

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing JL Brooks; we discussed her recently released debut Distractions, randomness and the word penis lol…
JL: Penis
Me: lol
JL: There’s one
Me: I may make the readers play count the penis lol
JL: lol Yes! That gives me so much happenis
Me: I almost spit water all over my keyboard…spit penis lol
JL: Ewe, I don’t like thinking of them doing that. I prefer a penis to pour forth like a Greek fountain
Me: Ok Ok so JL tell us something we may not know about you?
JL: that’s a loaded question…
ok. I will stop. maybe. something that is unknown about me lol…. there’s lots too it
I actually grew up with gypsies. drawing from that inspiration in the book was part truth
except it was the great folks who travel with the renaissance festival. I had to change it for legal reasons, but the festival was in the same town I spent summers in. It was surreal growing up with it.
I always wanted to run away with them. I almost did!
I was a 14 year old selling garlands yelling “reflower the deflowered”
Me: That’s so cool!!! I was wondering where/how you came up with the gypsies.
I would’ve peed myself to see you at 14 yelling that. I may make you yell that in Vegas!
JL: the duct tape part is totally true too
Me: is there a lot you in Violet?
JL: yes… I would say that there is a lot of myself in Violet. Most of the characters were based off of real people, a blend of them. Even Shepard.
Me: Shepard is real???
JL: Yes
Me: *sigh* Shepard was delicious
Me:  were you always writing and creating?
 JL:  Yes. From as far back as I can remember. I recall being in the third grade and learning how to build a story. I didn’t listen to it with Distractions, but I have always loved to write and tell stories. You know I am pretty crafty, but it’s like electricity to me, it just flows. I used to write a women’s health column, but resigned earlier this year when I decided to publish.
Me: A health column? That sounds like it was interesting!
JL: my articles are still up actually. The editor was great and gave me the choice to leave them on the site or take them down. They are very special to me, because they validated me as a writer. I got to push the envelope in a completely different way.
Me: You’ve led an interesting life and I mean that as a compliment!
JL:  Thanks, I agree. It just keeps getting better.
Me: Back to Distractions, where did the idea come from? Did you wake up one morning and think “I’ll write a book”
JL: lol…no it actually started as a bet
FSOG got big and I was being smart ass me, and said “I could write a book”, so my friend bet me and here we are almost a year later. Distractions evolved as a story. It changed several times So far people love it, and it’s all I could ask for. If I can entertain someone for a few short hours and make them walk away from it and still think about it later, I think that’s a gift.
Me: I definitely enjoyed it! I liked getting to know Violet more and see she wasn’t what I originally thought her to be, I originally thought she was uptight and stuffy.
JL: she surprises you in a good way.
Me: How long did it take you to write Distractions once you decided to do it?
JL: I started in September of last year. I could have finished it sooner, but I am in school and work so I had to take my time. I am hoping to finish my next one this summer while on break!
Me: We’re getting more from you? Yay!!!
JL: Yes, I have two more in the queue. I never considered a sequel to this until you said something, but I am still debating that.
Me: What has been the best part about the writing process so far?
JL: Honestly? Meeting everyone in this community. I feel like I found my village. I have always kind of felt a little separated socially, I am awkward anyways. But here, my intellect and potty humor is accepted with out question. I can be both and there is no discrepancy in my character It’s an amazing feeling to be “fully accepted”
and the moral support is unrivaled. Granted there is the nasty, but I just do my part to not feed into that and be respectful
Me: Ignoring the nasty is your best bet.
I appreciate your potty humor
JL: wait till Vegas, you will shower for days or say “that bitch is crazy and I love it”
Me: I can’t wait for Vegas!!!
JL: Ok we should probably get back to the book… anything else you think your readers would like to know?
Me: I think we have a ton of good material to give the readers
JL: Awesome! Thank you so much for everything! You’re amazing! I can’t wait for the rest of the tour
Me: You’re welcome!!! It was a pleasure having you!

I had the honor to read Distractions by J.L Brooks. I really love books that can touch my life with the smallest quotes. This is one of those books. I can’t believe that this is the authors first book. I’m blown away with their writing, its so awesome to see this happen.

This story kept me on the edge of my seat, telling me to keep reading, don’t stop. My heart was pounding with the situations Violet had to go through. But then there’s the amazing Shepard. Oh Shepard has my heart in so many ways. Sigh. This is one of those books that you read from the beginning and just know deep down that it’s going to blow up HUGE!

This isn’t a typical romance novel. The love is still there, but it’s the suspense that got to me. It’s written beautifully that I really couldn’t get enough.

You will fall in love with this story.

Where to begin…Let’s start with the main character Violet Philips, her teenage
years where turbulent and unforgiving causing her to flee her hometown in Colorado
to further her education. She becomes a research assistant for a Dr. David Robertson
at University until bizarre circumstances dictate the confusing and mysterious life that
awaits her.
Sheppard Leone her neighbor’s son will become an intricate part of Violet’s life and her
young lover.
Connor Lewis, the ex who broke Violet’s heart, she shut down emotionally and it would
takes years, if ever, for her to trust again
This story spans the course of many years so clear your mind, get comfortable and enjoy it.
Hold on to your hats folks because your head will be a spinning. The author will take
you on the ride of your life as conspiracy, mystery, friendship, sexual encounters of
the best kind will leave you battered and confused. You will need to compartmentalize
through every chapter so later you can break down and examine what you think is going
on, and then when you think you have it, start all over again! Brilliant work from the author.
5 *****

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