Six Reasons Fifty Shades of Grey Rocked My Socks!

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Title: Six Reasons Fifty Shades of Grey Rocked My Socks…

One year ago, Fifty Shades of Grey took the book world by storm. It filled the shelves of book stores across the world, it covered the screens of people’s e-readers and thousands of women couldn’t get their hands on the books fast enough! A book dedicated to the BDSM romance between Christian Grey and Ana Steele delighted many, offended some and made a huge splash overall.

Over the past year, clothing companies designed lines based on the “Fifty Shades of Grey” theme, a classical album was created to celebrate all of the songs in the book, and a number of sex toys have been created and sold to highlight some of the book’s finest “accessories” and we’re getting the movie!!!

As an almost one year anniversary celebration, I thought I’d write about the six reasons Fifty Shades of Grey rocked my socks.

1. First, Fifty Shades of Grey introduced us to the ben wa balls, you remember the little balls that Christian pulled out of Ana during the spanking scene. Who knew ben wa balls also helped with kegeling helping you tighten up after pregnancy and to help women deal with incontinence (keep it right, keep it tight ladies). Here, I even took the guess work out for you and found some Adam and Eve You never know, you just might like ‘em.

2. FSoG also opened me up to BDSM. I mean yeaaa, I heard of it, but I didn’t really know about it. FSoG opened my mind to trying new things

3. FSoG also let me see that I’d prefer to be a sub. Reading about someone else made me see I’d much rather be told what to do.

4. Like I said, there was a classical album made to highlight the songs in the book. I was intrigued when I read it, so I bought it, you know me and my twitchy one-click finger! It showed me classical music definitely isn’t what I thought it was and I actually like it as background noise while I read.

5. FSoG also turned me on to the erotic book genre! Before it, I would have never searched that category, now I may or may not have picked up quite a few more FSoG-esque books.

6. Let’s be real for a moment. If you’ve been with the same person for a while, things get boring, but Fifty Shades will put you the mood. You learn a lil something new, make your hard & soft limits lists, then go at it like rabbits. Make sure to send a thank you to E.L James 😉

While the editing was a little spotty and there were some character flaws, I still found Fifty Shades to be a great read. It’s not every day that a book comes along with the ability to revamp your sex life and serve as a wonderful distraction and escape. Summer’s coming up, this book is a great summer read when you’re relaxing on the beach. If you still haven’t checked it out, I recommend you do. You never know what you’re going to get out of it.


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