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I became a fan of Kelli’s after reading her Taken series (who wouldn’t love Merrick!) and one day, my friends and I were discussing book boyfriends and deciding who got who and when lol and my friend Nikki mentioned a guy named Alistair; I asked “Who’s he?” so she told me about Kelli’s Dolls and Doms series which was still fairly new at the time. I found it, caught up on the few episodes I missed and was HOOKED!!! I looked forward to Thursdays knowing a new episode would be posted. I’m excited to have Kelli here today to tell you how Dolls and Doms came to be…
Opening Day At Dolls & Doms

How it all started:

I was searching an online stock image site for something—I can’t remember what now—and came across an image I knew I had to have. This image:

It had the banner at the top, but it was blank. I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, but the woman in the picture called to me. Something had to be written around this image.

In the past, I wrote flash fiction: very short, 1,000-word stories, for a site called Flashes In The Dark. They still exist and my stories are still on their site under my real name.

I love flash fiction, and I have a tendency to write short novels, so transitioning to a novel written in 1,000-word episodes over the course of a few months is perfect for me.

As for Dolls & Doms, I’m not sure where the name came from, it just came to me and I knew it was a private club and there it was, in Las Vegas (in my mind). I heard the song Black Betty by Ram Jam and she was born! I couldn’t wait to write the first episode! I had no clue where the story was headed. Each week I opened a blank Word doc and started typing, anxious to find out where Alistair and Black Betty—or Bethany—would take the story. There’s a great freedom in spontaneity, in letting the characters lead the way. I knew Alistair and Black Betty were strong enough to take the story where it needed to go. They’re wrapped up for now, but not finished by any means. I hope you enjoy the series. 

New episodes start March 7th!

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