Conspiring blog tour bonus- A snippet of J.B.’s upcoming Forgiven!!!

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My cell phone rings and I know by the timing Bradley’s awake and calling for our morning talk. I’m relieved because I definitely need to change my train of thought.
I swipe to answer. “Morning, sunshine.”
“Morning, beautiful.” I think I can hear him stretching. His voice is deep and hoarse from just waking up.
“So what’s the plan for this afternoon and looking at houses?” My voice is perky because I’m really excited.
“I hate to have two cars.” He yawns, which makes me yawn.
I tease, “If you’d let me take the MARTA, we wouldn’t have two cars.” I am only being partially serious. I respect why he doesn’t want me to take the MARTA, but I still would rather be studying right now so I won’t need a tutor for long rather than driving in this hellacious Atlanta traffic.”
“Gabby,” he reprimands. I can tell he’s not happy.
“I’m kidding, kidding. Cool it, Mr. Protective Pants.” I try to salvage the mood.
“It’s probably just as dangerous for me to be driving and talking to you in eight lanes of traffic, though.”
He chuckles, “Mr. Protective Pants?”
I grin, “Yes. My Mr. Protective Pants. I don’t guess I’d take you any other way.”
“Good, because that’s not something that will change. No amount of pouting or begging. I don’t want you on the MARTA by yourself.”
“Gotcha. So what to do about this two car situation?” I inquire.
“I wanted us to look at a house in Chateau Elan. It’s a gorgous place, and it’s on your way back into the city. Do you want to meet me there?”
“Chateau Elan, huh.” I pass it every day on the way to school. Granted, that means I’ve only passed it a few times now, but it’s visible from I-85. To say it’s impressive is an understatement. The only thing I can compare it to is The Biltmore Estate. It’s a vineyard.
“Yeah, it’s gated. I think I want us in a gated community.”
“I just do. I don’t want people showing up unannounced anymore, ever again.”
Relief unexpectedly floods my body. “I didn’t like the thought of gated two seconds ago, but when you put it like that. I’m all for gated.” The thought of Ian and Veronica never being to just pop us in our lives again, at least while we’re in our home, is definitely soothing.

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