Conspiring blog tour: An excerpt

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Today I have an excerpt from J.B. McGee’s Conspiring!

Nice Veronica. Nice. I let my grin finally escape and reach for his hand. “I’m Veronica. Joe as in
Joe’s?” I ask.
“That would be me.” He hangs on to my hand a little longer than what I’d typically expect.
I stare down at my hand that is still in his. “Well nice to meet you, Joe.” Then I look back up into
his dark eyes.
“Listen, whatever you ladies want tonight. It’s on the house.” He winks.
I glance back at my entourage. “Did you hear that ladies, anything we want tonight. It’s on the
house.” When I turn back to Joe, he’s taken a step back. “Thank you.”
He’s about to turn on his heel to walk away, but he holds my gaze a little longer. “My pleasure,” he
says seductively, and I know that there are implications with that statement.
After we’ve all gotten our drinks, we head over to one of the high top tables. I can’t seem to keep
my eyes off of Joe. Everywhere I look I see him. He’s tall, and he stands out in the crowd. I’m talking
with one of Val’s friends, but I feel eyes on me. You know the feeling like someone is staring at you. I turn
back around to the most intense bright blue eyes. It’s like they are magnets pulling me closer towards him.
I quickly glance away to grab my drink. I can’t give away how he makes me feel. It’s my job to wear the
poker face, to retain the upper hand. He makes the sensations I had towards Joe feel like a slow intense
burn. But these with him, they are like an explosive display of pyrotechnics going off in my body. If just
his look can evoke such fire within my body, I can only imagine what his hands would do to my skin, what
his mouth could do to my lips, and then I quiver for a moment at the thought of him inside me.

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