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Synopsis:*This book is mature YA/ New Adult. It is not intended for younger readers.

In 18 years of life, I’ve tried to keep it together. 

Even while my mother drank herself to oblivion. Even as my classmates teased me for being a bastard with a stripper for a mom. And even as life cratered and collapsed in my small hometown of Harrison Corners, OH. 

Trust me, life is hard these days. 

Gasoline sells for $16.99 a gallon on average. An economic recession keeps most everyone I know out of work. We’ve been at war with Canada over oil ever since my childhood. Maxwell Cooper, our dear Supreme Leader and head of The Party, keeps us all under his thumb from Washington, DC. 

The Party has directly taken over my town. They’re changing everything about the way we live, and it seems like I’m the only one questioning anything. 

These days, the only bright spot in my life is Fostino. He says he loves me. I want to believe and trust him, but I’m not sure I can. Sometimes he seems lost, too.

But now, I’ve just found out the truth about who I really am. The questions I’ve had inside my stomach all these years finally have answers. The trouble is, what I know could destroy me. It could destroy Fostino. And it could destroy our entire way of life. 

If I want to live, and if I want to love, I’m going to have to fight. 

My name is Charlotte Walker, and The Undesirable is my journey.

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