The Proposal blog tour stop: My Interview with Aidan!

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Today I have the pleasure of having thee one thee only Aidan Fitzpatrick from Katie Ashley’s  The Proposal here with me today! 

*I hear a knock on the door frame and I look over, startled*
-Douchenozz…I mean Aidan! (old habits die hard lol) You’reearly! *I got up quickly and walked over to greet him and gave him a hug* here, sit make yourself comfortable. Can I get you anything?

No, I’m good thanks…well, maybe some water. My mouth is feelinga little dry.
-Thank you for agreeing to meet with me today, I’ve been solooking forward to meeting you!
*Aiden shifts in his seat and looks around like he’s nervous*
-Everything ok? You seem nervous. *I sigh* wait; let me guess,you read my review before you came here didn’t you? I’m sorry for saying Ihated you and wanted to tie you up by your testicles and use you as a piñata,but I was mad at you for what you did to Emma, it was a completely dick thingto do but, you have done the impossible and totally redeemed yourself *I smilesweetly at him*

 I’m not gonna lie, Holly,that I was a little concerned for my manhood. I mean, you take a purse to thejunk one time from a pissed-off female, and you’re a little gun-shy! But I’mglad to hear that I was able to redeem myself to you. Hell, I thought gettingback on Emma’s good side was hard, but there were a legion of female fans whowanted to castrate me. So, I’m hoping that all is forgiven!
-So now thatwe’ve cleared the air and we’re friends again, how are you?
I’m good…a little sleepy. Noah’s teething, so he likes to cry…alot…at all hours of the night. But Em’s a real trooper and usually staysupstairs with him, so I can sleep. I told her I didn’t mind taking some of thenight-time duty, but since she’s a stay-at-home mom, she wants me to get myrest. That woman is amazing in every single way. 
-Now the bigquestion on my mind is…how is the former bachelor extraordinaire, Mr. “I neverwant children” Aidan Fitzpatrick adjusting to fatherhood?
Besides the teething hell? LOl It’s the most amazing experienceof my entire life. I really can’t express how it feels. When I look at Noah, itmakes anything I’ve ever done pale in comparison. I wonder how I ever thought Ihad a life before him.
-Speaking of fatherhood, how is sweet little Noah doing?
Besides the teething, he’s doing amazing. We think he’s going tostart walking early. He’s been crawling all over the place and pulling himselfup. Em was an early walker at barely ten months. Me, on the other hand, Ididn’t walk my happy ass until I was well over a year because I had four oldersisters doing anything and everything for me! I think that’s what started me onthe road to “women will do anything for you if you’re cute.” Noah’s learningthat pretty fast too, but he’s also got Em’s will of iron disposition.
*I’m surprised you didn’tbring him to use as a human shield with me, you know ladies can’t be mad a manwith a baby lol*
 Lol, it’s his nap-timeactually, or I would have totally brought him to give Em a breather.
-Aidan, nowthat Noah is here have you had any moments where you’ve thought “how could Ihave ever said I didn’t want kids?”
 Yes, every day! To befrank, I was a selfish prick! I can’t wait for work to be over so I can gethome to Noah and to Em. He changes every day, or he does something new. The wayhis eyes light up when he sees me, it melts my heart.
-What wasgoing thru your mind when you first saw Noah? When you first held him?
Pure and total love. It’s hard to explain…I mean, I loved himwhen he was inside Emma, but I had no idea I could love him more. And aftergoing through everything we did. And childbirth…yeah, it’s a helluva intenseexperience! There’s this piece of you that you’ve been waiting on for ninemonths, and it’s finally in front of you. And when he was put into my arms…fuckme. There aren’t words or emotions to express how amazing it was.
-How has being a Dad changed you?
 I’m not as selfishanymore. I used to only think about me. Now that Noah’s here, I always thinkabout him first. It’s the same way with Em. I first think about how a decisionwill affect my wife and child. Before all I cared about was what it meant toAidan or how it would benefit me. That’s saying a lot from someone who was atotal selfish asshole in the past, lol.
-Is thereanything you miss about your old lifestyle?
*it’s ok tobe honest, I PROMISE I won’t hurt you lol*
 I won’t lie that at firstit was the sex. Shit, let me rephrase that. The sex with Emma. I mean after Noah was born, she was out of commission forwhat felt like a fucking eternity, and then once we got back in the swing ofthings, she was tired or Noah would cry to be fed or changed. As much as sheloves me, Emma’s always going to be most focused on Noah’s needs. But that alsomeans she’s going to feel guilty about it and do something to make it up to methat blows my mind and leaves me a very, very satisfied man!
-Obviously Noah is a baby and can’t understand how you feelabout him, but if he could understand, what would you say?
That is he is the sunshine in my world. That I love him with allof my heart and soul, and that nothing he ever does in the future would shakemy love. It’s unwavering.
-Final question Aidan, can you picture your life without Emmaand Noah in it?
No, I don’t even want to imagine it. I mean, from what I hadbefore compared to what I have now, there’s no comparison.
Aidan, I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by andchat with me and I wanted to also let you know how proud I am of you for theman and father you’ve become
Thanks for having me, Holly. Your words and your forgivenessmean a lot to me…and my testicles!
-Don’t forget to grab the gifts I picked up for Noah on your wayout!
 Oh Jesus, I’m going tolook like a total pansy walking out with these!! ! Oops, excuse me. This iswhen Em would be smacking me for being ungrateful. Thank you so much. She’ll bein touch with a thank-you note soon—she’s a stickler for that!

Here are some onesies I picked up for Noah along with a father and son combo for him and his daddy<3


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