Spotlight and excerpt: Love Unexpected by Anne Leigh

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There are times, when you least expect it, where fate hands you the one person you cannot live without.

Sedona Mackenzie had her perfect life perfectly planned; down to the coffee that she drank, the curfew that she lived by, and formulas that she solved to release stress. She had everything figured out, in a neat, little timeline. Then, fate chose to intervene in the form of a chance meeting with a guy who stirs unknown emotions inside her, leaveing her reeling and wanting for more. 

Zander Zobowski is not your typical college jock. For one, he’s a good guy. Second, he’s pretty smart. And, he’s level-headed. The farthest thing on his mind was smacking into a woman who may just be his undoing.

This is not your typical bad boy meets good girl love story. This is a story between two people who are great on their own. But, with each other, they are absolutely perfect.


This is from Zander’s POV:

Just how hot is she?” Xavier asked, “To have my man Z, sweaty, buying wine and shit, and asking girly-girl questions?” I guessed John was not the only one who heard me asking the server about the wine.

Way to go, Zander.

John answered, “She looks like an angel, man.”


Air rushed out of my lungs. Did John have the hots for her too? He was not a bad-looking dude. As a matter of fact, he rivaled Xavier with the collection of girls that he hooked up with.  

I clenched my jaw. Dom piped in, “A hot angel, a bad angel, a dirty angel?”

“Definitely, a hot angel,” John said.

I clenched my jaw tighter.

My glass pinged on the table.

“Yeah, I could see why Z would check her out. Her eyes draw you in. She’s sassy, man.” He said, grinning.

I wanted to wipe the grin off his face.

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