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Today I have an excerpt from The Legend!!!

Chapter 6. Red and Yellow Flag – Jameson

Red and Yellow Flag- This flag is displayed to signify debris (oil, sand, water,  or other substance) on the track.
“I wonder if Lane is still alive.” Casten mused peeking out the back French doors to the pool
where Lane was only is his underwear floating on a pink inflatable dolphin.
All of us looked out there to see not only Lane in the pool but Charlie and Noah were curled up in
a lawn chair together while Cole was sprawled out in the grass.
“What the fuck happened last night?” I finally asked when I noticed a hole in the wall right below
the clock behind Sway.
Casten shrugged shoving a leftover piece of pizza in his mouth. “What? We had a few people
“Yeah, me and…Arie,” as soon as he said Aries’ name his expression changed to panic but he
wasn’t letting on. “Willie and Tommy are here too.”
“We, as in your mother and I, specifically told you no parties.”
“I told you I was going to have a party.”
“And I told you no,” I said sternly. This “hardline” parent shit was hard for me, but I was trying.
“…and you agreed.”
“That’s bullshit.” Casten laughed, “I never said anything like that.”
“Regardless. I told you no parties.”
“Hmmm,” he looked up at the ceiling. “I don’t recall hearing that part of the conversation.”
Spencer, soaked, stumbled inside after that and then fell on the floor in front of us. He curled up
on the carpet in the family room and went back to sleep mumbling something about the sprinkler
“Let’s talk about the drugs that went on here.” I said when Sway kept nudging me in the ribs.
“What drugs?” He tried to look innocent, I’ll give him that much.
“No way, you’re not back-dooring me on this shit. I know you did drugs last night.”
He laughed, “You’re always so mature about things dad.”
“You’re right,” I looked at Sway, “we should have beaten him.”
Casten’s phone rang and he quickly turned it off as if it wasn’t the person he wanted to talk to.
“Do you think it’s his drug dealer?” Sway whispered in my ear.
“What? No. I don’t.” I looked around the room. “Where’s Arie?”
“Don’t be mad?” Casten’s eyes grew wider.
“I said don’t be mad.” Casten’s eyes did that pleading look he was so good at.
I stepped toward him, his hands rose and the confession spilled. “I accidentally left her at the gas
station last night. I’m sure she’ll be home soon.”
“How did you leave her at the gas station? You don’t have a license.”
“About that…”
“Casten,” I looked at Sway and then back to our son. By my hard expression and flushed
appearance, he knew damn well I meant business. “You better not have touched my Mustang!”
He backed away. “Your Mustang is locked up and you have the only key. Now your GTO, it
seems to have been misplaced.”
“Don’t worry, dad. Van will find it.”
Sway interrupted. “How did the street catch on fire?”
“That is a long story and I assure you it wasn’t entirely my fault.”
Van walked into the house and stopped when he saw us standing in the family room staring at
Van gave a nod in the direction of the backyard. “How often do you guys swim in that pool?”
We looked in the backyard at the same time to see that my now found GTO.
Casten smiled and patted my back. “Ah yes, right where I left it last night. Phew.” He swiped the
back of his hand across his forehead. “I was worried I misplaced it.”
Believe me when I say that my rage was boiling by that point.
“How did it get in the pool?”
“Ran out of gas when I tried to jump it over the pool?” He asked this as if it was a fucking
question and then when my eyes widened, he tried to run away.
I caught him by the hood of his sweatshirt before he could escape. “How did the street catch on
“It was a big misunderstanding.” He gestured outside so we followed him to the back yard where
the motocross track was. “See,” he flicked his wrist to a smoking pile under the double jump, “it didn’t
go as planned.”
“I think it was more than a misunderstanding, Casten.” With my hands on my hips, I hung my
head in shame that my kid had caused this much damage. Our entire backyard was black and smoking
along with the field behind the house and much of the forest.
“It’s not that bad.”
Sway had to hold him back behind her when he said that. Spencer laughed and then ran off in the
other direction. My eyes focused on Van. “Where were you in all this?”
His eyes widened in shock. “Me?”
“Yes, you…bodyguard,”
“I was out of town. It was Clint’s turn to watch them but he…well…” Van’s eyes scanned the
yard. “I’m not sure where he is.”
“He’s probably with Arie, I think. Listen dad,” Casten peeked around Sway’s shoulder, “it wasn’t
planned. We had some people over and it got a little out of control.”
“I gather that.” I snapped throwing my arms up. “You better tell me what the fuck happened
Casten started coming clean but surprisingly maintained his composed demeanor. “What’s the big
deal? Lane wanted to jump through fire. It was a cool idea. We tried to build a fire jump. Which we
succeeded in doing and it was awesome. It was a cool idea but we didn’t take into account the fact that the
bike could catch on fire…Around the fifth or sixth jump; Willie’s bike caught a flame or something. I
think his carb was leaking gas.” Casten pointed to the field. “He went off into the field and it caught the
field on fire. I personally blame our hot summer. If we had some rain sometime we wouldn’t have had
this problem.”
“You’re not really helping yourself.” Van patted his back. Even though Van was our bodyguard,
over the years he had developed a huge soft spot for our kids and Lane. Cole, Noah and Charlie were
assholes. No one had soft spots for them.
Sway and I both looked at him and then noticed Lane and Noah standing beside Spencer. Both of
them resembled zombies.
“Jesus Casten, look at this!” Sway raised her voice. Sway hardly ever lost it with the kids. I can
actually count the number or occasions that she has gotten angry and yelled at them in a tone that I liked
to refer to as the Mama Wizard Wrath.
Taking a deep breath, Sway shot him a glare. “It wasn’t this bad on the news.”
“Shit,” he looked surprised. “…it made the local news?”
“How did you think we found out?”
“I thought you found out this morning when you got home. Now I know it was a planned
execution.” He looked at Spencer. “How’d it get on the news?”
“Noah.” Lane mumbled leaning against Van’s burly shoulders as support. Van side-eyed him and
then laughed.
Casten looked at Lane and then Noah.
“Goddamn you Noah!” Casten shoved him. “I told you not to put that on YouTube.”
Noah chuckled as he gained his footing, “My bad.”
“I still don’t understand how all this caught on fire from that field.” I voiced to them. It didn’t
seem possible that two separate pieces of land could be on fire at the same time.
“Let’s get this clear,” Casten, said becoming serious all of a sudden, “I set this on fire.” He
motioned with his hands to the wood pile and jump. “That…” he gestured behind him to the field on
the other side of our house, “was not me. I don’t know…well, I know how that got on fire but that
wasn’t me.”
“Well who did that then?” Sway asked.
“You need to discuss that with the Gomez boys but you may want to find that trophy truck of
yours first.”
I was ready to kill someone when I heard that. They set the street on fire. Drove my GTO into the
pool, trashed my house, broke the gate and stole my trophy truck. I very nearly lost it right then. If it
weren’t for Sway, I probably would have.
“Where’s my trophy truck?”
Casten pointed to the field to the West of us. “It’s out there somewhere in the smoke. Turns out
open headers start fires too. Again,” Casten shook his head. “I have to say that I blame the dry weather.”
My glare found Sway. “Is it time to overreact yet?”
Sway looked at the boys standing there staring at me. “Let’s give him some time to think,” she said
shooing everyone away.
“It was a simple fire jump.” Casten shook his head dejected as he walked back to the house.
“That’s all.”
I think I stared at that jump for close to an hour. Killing my kids wasn’t a good idea so I stayed
away for their safety. When I became less angry, I went back inside to see that Sway had ordered pizza.
Food seemed like a good idea so I ate and by the time I was done, Casten had felt the need to explain
more details.
I had heard enough. “Where the fuck is your sister?”
“I’m sure she’ll turn up. The car did.” He shoved more pizza in his mouth and then with that
pizza still in his mouth, took a drink of Pepsi. He must have snorted or something because he ended up
coughing out the last of his sentence. “Not…” he waved his hands around trying to clear his throat, “to
“Worry?” Laughing, I shook my head. “Good luck when she gets home.”
“I think I’ll stay with Cole tonight,” he said jetting out the door. I grabbed him by the collar.
“Nope, you’re grounded.”
I didn’t have time to stay and punish him but once Arie got home after having to walk five miles,
I’m sure she would punish him. Sway seemed satisfied with this option as well. It wasn’t the first time
our kids threw a party and I had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last they were teenagers. It was to be expected. Setting our street on fire was a first.
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