Rock The Band tour stop: My Review!

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I had the extreme honor and pleasure of beta reading Rock The Band for Michelle and I can’t begin to tell you how much this book rocks! It picks up right where Rock The Heart leaves off; Noel and Lane are back together where they belong and they’re getting ready to get off the tour bus and spend a week together just the two of them at Noel’s house in Kentucky..and you know that that means, tons o’good loving and a chance to really get to see Noel’s sweet, sensitive and romantic side in full effect as he attempts to plan the perfect proposal. Rock The Band also has an awesome surprise that made me
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Michelle does a great job of letting us into Noel’s head and allows us to feel the immense love he has for Lane and she for him. We also get to see the personalities of the other members of Black Falcon emerge here and Michelle rocks at setting up Rock My Bed…my girl crush on Michelle has definitely grown after Rock The Band…If you’ve read Rock The Heart YOU. MUST. READ. THIS. BOOK!

Rock The Band gets


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2 responses to “Rock The Band tour stop: My Review!

  1. I loved how Noel took care of Lane when she became ill. How when he found her sleeping on the couch he
    wouldn’t go back to his own bed, instead he slept near on a chair.
    “Where you go, I go. If you are in misery, then I’ going to be there to help you. Now, get some rest.”