My review of The Proposal by Katie Ashley!

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*i received an ARC from Katie to read and review*

So when I finished The Proposition I hated Aidan, I mean I really HATED him, like wanted to tie him up by his testicles and use him as a pinata hated him. I didn’t think he’d ever be able to redeem himself in my eyes for how he hurt Emma. But guess what? I WAS WRONG!
yea I was that shocked! Because hooooolyyyyyy did he redeemed himself!!! Half way thru the book I was actually starting to get mad at myself the more I started to like him; in fact I started to feel bad for him…he was so determined to not only tell Emma how he felt but show her as well and he went over and above to prove his love and devotion and I was proud of him *sigh* chapter 14!!! I was also proud of Emma because despite her raging pregnancy hormones she was strong in resisting Aidan and she made him WORK at redemption!!! I love how she also gave him a dose of his own medicine in the form of a non date with the McDreamy Dr Bollywood; Dr Pesh! It was hilarious seeing how riled up and jealous Aidan got when Pesh was around…if look could kill Pesh would’ve been dead 100 times over lol I’m thinking this is what was going on in Aidan’s head
whenever Dr Pesh was around.

Once again Katie did a great job of pulling me into the tilt-o-whirl relationship of Emma & Aidan with a fantastical love story that makes you pull for a HEA for these two as well as writing that’ll make you cry and laugh along with them. Aidan’s nephews are still “outspoken”
and hysterical as is his father Patrick and Emma’s two BFF’s Casey and Connor. Let’s just say Emma is quicker come around to Aidan than Casey and it’s fun seeing Casey give him hell…as well as nail him in the family jewels with her purse. If you read and loved The Proposition you won’t be disappointed with The Proposal; it really was everything I could have wanted it to be happy sigh

The Proposal gets

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