My Review: Beautiful Things Never Last by Steph Campbell

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It’s been a year since Quinn’s life was changed for good by that Christmas kiss from Ben.

A year spent getting her life together. No more crazy parents looking over her shoulder, no more self-destructive behavior or secrets. Now, she and Ben share everything— including a tiny apartment, and a beautiful love.

Since he met Quinn, Ben’s life has been full of change. After finally standing up to his mom, he’s cut ties with his family and moved across the country with the only girl he’s ever wanted. But there’s something to be said for feeling needed, and he’s not sure that he is anymore.

When Quinn’s accepted into a month long culinary program in Italy, she’s ecstatic. But while she’s in a gorgeous country learning gnocchi and pesto, Ben’s blowing off her calls and pulling back.

But someone from Ben’s past walks back into his life, and he finally feels like he has a purpose again. Someone to take care of… Someone to save.

When Quinn returns, and the who’s and why’s of Ben’s behavior are revealed, how does she have any choice but to walk away from the only guy she’s ever loved?

And how can Ben ever learn to let her go?

In this follow-up to the 2011 release, GROUNDING QUINN, love and loss take on new meanings when roles are reversed, and the lengths that we go to to protect our hearts are challenged in new ways.

My Review:
Yes I read this in 3 hours because at 5% I was already reaching for tissues so I knew there was absolutely no stopping once I started! This was such an amazing follow up to Grounding Quinn; we pick up one year later following the Christmas Eve kiss between Quinn and Ben. Now they’re living together in California and going to school…life is beautiful…until Quinn gets an opportunity to study the culinary arts in Italy for a month and Ben makes a BAD last minute decision to go back home to visit his parents…and his bi*ch faced ex girlfriend Caroline who’s now living with them! I wanted to choke the ever loving crap out of him but instead I sat clutching my tissues (which I hadn’t let go the entire time I was reading) 

yelling at him and calling him names because I knew once Quinn found out where he was and who he was with it would devastate her…and it did but I am proud of her because I was able to see that Quinn truly had changed from when I first met her; yes she was crushed and devastated by Ben’s betrayal but she didn’t revert back to her self destructive ways…she handled the situation and her feelings like a mature adult. What I loved about this book was the multi POV, I loved being able to get in Ben’s head as well as Quinn’s and I loved being able to feel the emotions they were going thru. Honestly I think I cried thru a lot of the book but I was ok with it, to me it showed what an amazing job Stephanie did writing…Beautiful Things Never Last was such a beautifully heartbreaking read at times but the other times it was just a beautiful story of second chances and that despite mistakes that are made if you love someone it’s worth the hard work and effort to find a way past the mistakes and the hurt and see that maybe things do need to fall apart a little to make you realize how much you love and need the other person and find your way back to each other.

I give Beautiful Things Never Last

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