My Misery Muse Blog Tour Day 1: My Review and giveaway!

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I was fortunate to be given an ARC by Brei!

Going into My Misery Muse I knew our hero Seth was a rock star and I thought this was the usual life on the road with a rock star romance so suffice it to say I LOVE that it focused on Seth’s life at home and the real life struggle musicians are sometimes faced with having to choose between having a career or family.
It’s also a story about getting a second chance at true love.

Our heroine Devi is a tattoo artist covered in tattoos herself; she passionate, independent, as well as feisty raising her 2 yr old son with the love and support of her big brother Drake and BFF Mags, and is truly a great mom to Jaks

Our hero Seth is everything I could want in a man! He’s 6’2 build like a brick sh*t house, tattooed and pierced in alllll the “right” places…He’s all kinds of manly goodness, not to mention he really is a great guy, he’s always putting everyone  first and tries to make everyone happy even if it means he’s the one who ends up miserable inside.

For a debut novel Brei’s characters are EXTREMELY well developed; It was easy to develop an instant emotional connection with Devi & Seth and the rest of their “family”

 Awesome characters aside Brei did a really great job with the writing because whether I was reading Devi’s POV or Seth’s (the POV alternates) I could feel the emotions of the characters I was reading. In the beginning there’s a scene where Seth is watching Devi and Jaks play together crashing his toy cars and I could literally feel my heart break as Seth just sat and watched (feeling left out) until Jaks approached him and handed him a car so he could join in.

Whether you’re a fan of rock stars or a fan of great characters and a fantastic story in general, I highly recommend My Misery Muse  I realllllly realllly liked it…A LOT!!!

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