Rock the Bed by Michelle A Valentine cover and teaser ;-)

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I know after Rock The Heart we all fell for the one and only Sex God Noel Falcon! 
Wellllll Michelle has decided to give us MORE Noel *clap with me now* 

She’s giving us Rock The Band (Black Falcon 1.5) a novella from Noel’s POV!!!

Ava Black did an awesome job on the cover BTW!
(Here’s a little teaser from Michelle:
you can find this on her blog as well as chapter one;

I leaned my head down and placed my lips on hers. “You are my world, and you’re welcome to dramatize it all you want.”

Her lips turned up into a smile. “I think it’s time we live drama free for a while, don’t you?”

I nodded and stroked her face.

Drama free? Was there really such a thing? Life for me had always been filled with it. The only time I’d ever experienced true peace was on stage. The surge of the crowd and the heavy thump of the drums always pulled me into almost what felt like another dimension and made me forget all the bad shit in my life. It was true I felt nearly the same way in moments like this one with Lane, but deep down I had to always fight back the fear that someday I’d fuck things up and she would decide to run from me again.

Then it hit me. I needed to make this thing between us permanent. I had to show her I meant what I said earlier at the show, that I was hers forever.

I stared into her green eyes and made a silent promise to myself, that somehow, someway I would make this girl my wife. The mere thought of us being apart again caused an ache I didn’t think I could bare. Yes, giving her my last name would rectify that fear.  

Lane reached up and tapped my temple. “What’s going on in that brain of yours? I know that look.”

Damn. She caught me. I wasn’t prepared to tell her about the thought that had just crossed my brain. She would’ve probably given me the speech about taking things one day at a time. I hated that fucking speech. I was ready to live in the moment—the here and now with her. If she could only see through my eyes for a second, she would know how I felt about her. There wouldn’t be a question on my motives. She would know I loved her to the depths of her soul and how completely she rocked me in every way.

“You’re still doing it.”

I bit my lip. She wouldn’t leave me alone until I gave her answer. I knew how relentless she could be. I shrugged and replied as coolly as I could. “Just thinking about surprising you with something.”

She raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow. “What kind of surprise?”

“Now, why would I ruin it by telling you?” I teased.

Lane’s lips pulled into a smile. “Guess I’ll have to withhold sex until you tell me.”

I grabbed her around the waist and rolled her over on her back. Every inch of my body covered her nude flesh and my cock twitched at the nearness of her moist heat. I ran my right hand up her side, knowing full well the effect of me being so forward had on her. I pinned her gaze with my eyes and licked my lips.

She squirmed beneath me. “You’re cheating!”

I licked her bottom lip. “How is this cheating?”

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