Northeast it’s OUR TURN! We’re getting the Boston Author Event!!!

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I don’t think the Northeast can handle all of this…Shoooooot I don’t think I can handle allllll of this right now!!!! I must have been a REALLLYYYYYYY good girl this year BECAUSE I’M GETTING WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS! In March…March 16 2013 to be exact…andddd wanna see what I’m getting AND sharing with all of you of course 🙂

We’re getting the Boston Author Event!!!

SQUEEEE with me now!!!
pardon me as I squee
and shriek and dance
around like a 12 yr old at a 
Justin Bieber or One Direction concert!

Who will be there you ask?
Meeeeeee duh!
some of my FAVORITEEEEE 
We are excited to announce the first ever Boston Author Event (BAE)! This book signing will feature these best selling independent and published authors coming to Boston for one day only:


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