Coming soon…Perfectly Unmatched by Liz Reinhardt!

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If you’ve read Fall Guy by Liz Reinhardt then you remember Winch’s hard a** sister Benelli…at the end of Fall Guy I started to think there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to her and there had to be a reason
for her slight bitterness in the love dept…well now I’ll find her deal! Thank you Liz!!!

she’s giving us Benelli’s story!!!

Perfectly Unmatched  will be here 12/20/12

Benelli Youngblood is dedicated to her family. Unlike her unpredictable, selfish siblings, Benelli plans to do what’s expected of her: get married to a good, stable man who will help her father save his floundering business. And she’s sure her current boyfriend is that man.

When she catches said boyfriend sleeping with his secretary, she hops the first plane to her family’s summer house in Hungary armed with a list of eligible men from solid families to go on dates with so she can find the perfect marriage partner. It may sound old-fashioned, but it’s what’s always worked for her family, and it’s how she’ll mend her shattered heart.
What she doesn’t plan on is falling for Cormac Halstrom. The witty, sexy professor with no interest in business or marriage couldn’t be further from the right choice for her. But his hot kisses and sweet words make her feel something she hasn’t in years; she finally feels like herself.
When things go too far with Cormac and her family shows up unexpectedly, Benelli will have to decide if she’s going to listen to her heart or her head when it comes to finding her perfect match.
PERFECTLY UNMATCHED is a new adult novel that contains mature language, sexuality, and adult situations.
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