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From Goodreads:For the last four years, good girl Lane has regretted breaking up with Noel Falcon. She thought she was sensible when she told him his dreams of being a rock star would get him nowhere, but now that he’s a rock god and her career is stagnant, she realizes just how wrong she was. When Noel hires the marketing company where Lane is an intern, she’s forced to see him again. If she wants to land her dream job as executive within the company, she has to win him over and secure his account. Too bad Noel is still pissed at her for breaking his heart.

When Lane’s company flies her to a Black Falcon concert to gain Noel’s attention, emotions run high the moment she sees him and realizes she’s far from over him. But Noel’s countless trysts with groupies and his cocky attitude make Lane believe he isn’t the same guy she once loved—now he seems to only want her body. Then after Lane discloses she needs him to procure a job, Noel proves he’s a changed man by forcing her to go on the road with him in order to get it.

After Lane reluctantly takes Noel up on his offer, she becomes willing to do whatever it takes to keep him satisfied, even if it means succumbing to his seductive ways. Lane soon finds deception is a dangerous game and she’s not the only one playing.

Now on to my review: 

(I was blessed with an ARC from Michelle to read and review)

I really don’t even know how to begin how to describe just how much I LOVED this book. I do love a good book with sexy rock stars to begin with BUT I mean I reallllyy reallyyy loved Rock The Heart. 

Like this much Photobucket and this much put together Photobucket

First and foremost the members of Black Falcon are just flat out sexy! Adam Levine was the inspiration behind Noel and can we say yum? (Go ahead and say it, I’ll wait) Noel is your typical cocky, swaggeriffic musician who is also happens to be insanely sincere especially where Lanie is concerned…now Lanie, Lanie happens to be Noel’s High School girlfriend who ripped out his heart the day she dumped him 4 years earlier which he’s never quite gotten over and I think I liked seeing the guy be the dumpee for once.

Now fast forward 4 years Noel’s the front man of the chart topping hugely successful band Black Falcon while Lanie’s interning hoping to make it in the marketing business…the two of them haven’t seen or spoken to each other since that day four years ago and as luck would have it’s the company Lanie interns for that wants to do the marketing for Noel’s charity and of course who do they send to meet him but Lanie…now this is where the story goes from good to great as we see these two people navigate the broken road that leads them back to each other.

The writing is phenomenal, from the first time Lanie & Noel see each other again I could feel all of their emotions; all the hurt, disgust, fear, anger, frustration, chemistry, “tension” as well as the incredible love these two still have for each other, it’s obvious they never got over the other. I was chomping at the bit for the two of them to hop in the sack and pick up where they left off so I could finally cool down. I’d get all hot and bothered everytime I thought it was gonna happen thinking yea, yeaaaaa and them *BAM* they stop getting down and dirty and it was like a bucket of cold water was thrust upon me! They finally do have their roll in the sheets and I’m glad it didn’t happen as fast I originally wanted it, the timing of it was perfect  for them and Noel didn’t disappoint…I swear no one dirty talks like a rock star! Most men should take notes.

Michelle really did an excellent job of making me feel such an emotional connection to Noel & Lane, I felt it most during their struggles and heartbreaks because we all know the road to true love is NEVER smooth and believe me Noel and Lanie had some giant pot holes along the way (I was in tears during those parts) and the end had me completely ugly crying as the lyrics to the song Noel was singing to Lanie played in my head.

I let out a happy sigh of contentment when I was done reading…it’s been 3 days since I first read it (notice I said first because I’ve read it again) and I still have that happy contentment when I think of this book and I still have tears when I play “that” song because I had to go buy it…I can’t wait for book two, Rock My Bed to be release I’m hoping in that one we get to learn a little more about the other members of Black Falcon and of course I NEED and WANT more Noel…and Lanie!   

Yeaaa I’m giving Rock The Heart 5 stars times 2

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Now here is the song that has been reducing me to tears since Monday morning…and I love that!!! I love a book that can still affect me days later! 



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