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From Goodreads:
They had a pact. 
Leave the world behind much as they had lived it.
No one would miss them. No harm, no foul.
Their personal demons would be left behind once and for all. 
It was the only thing they could count on. 
It was all she had.

Madison Hanson has spent the last four years being a “shadow.” Her parents ignore her. The students at her school stopped talking to her years ago, and the majority of her teachers forget she’s even there. In her desperate yearning to leave her invisible life behind, Madison makes a pact with her only friend, James Garrison, to end their lives as inconspicuously as they live them. No fuss, no muss. No one would miss her and she would miss no one. Their plan is set, and it’s all she can count on. That is, until fellow student, Mitch Peterson, beats them to the punch. Everything Madison believed in is shaken to the core when she watches the aftermath of Mitch’s death unfold. By taking his own life, Mitch unwittingly saves hers. What a selfish prick. 

She is now left with the daunting task of living. Trying to bury her demons once and for all, and finally trusting someone with her fragile existence. 

Living is hell.
Death would have been so much easier.

My review:

*I was given an ARC by Tiffany*

Now I’ve read all of Tiffany’s books so it is with utmost certainty I can say this my favorite book by her so far! Now, if you’re familiar with her books just a heads up this one deals with a darker touchier subject, but as ALWAYS Tiffany handles it beautifully. Miss Me Not is going to be one of those books that sticks with you LONG after you’re done reading and for some, it may hit close to home or it may cause you to take a step back and think…

Madison and Dean are well written; Tiffany did such an amazing job getting us into Madison’s head making us feel her thoughts, ideas and her feelings. Dean was sweet and lovable and from the start you were able to see he wasn’t the typical douche jock like Madison though he was, he was a genuinely good guy, however I would’ve like to get a peek into Dean’s thoughts thru the book at times.

I love how raw and real Miss Me Not is, it’s a book that definitely cuts down deep and makes you cry but it will also make you smile and root for Madison anddddd it will make you want to rip out the reproductive organs of Madison’s mother; there aren’t words strong enough to describe my hatred and disgust of that woman!

I definitely think Miss Me Not is a MUST read by adults and teens alike; maybe it’ll open your eyes and make you see how your actions and words can affect another person or maybe it’ll help open a dialogue between kids and adults…and hopefully it may offer hope to someone that finds themselves in Madison’s shoe that there is someone out there (maybe not in the form of a cute boy) that is willing to help you thru your situation if you just let them…

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