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From Amazon:

An insatiable attraction heats to the boiling point in this brand-new book set in the shore town of Sea Breeze, from bestselling author Abbi Glines.Preston is one bad boy. And Amanda has harbored a crush on him for forever. When she finally makes her move on him, it does not end well. But still, she can’t resist him. Especially now that he seems to be pursuing her, too.

No one wants wants them to be be together. Not Amanda’s brother Marcus, who is on the verge of his marriage to Low, and definitely not any of Preston’s buddies. They know way too much about Preston’s dark side. Yet the dangerous attraction is there…and neither Preston nor Amanda are going to deny it.

My review:

Holy sweet baby Jesus let me start by saying Preston is HOT…like seriously, stand to close to him and get sunburned HOT!  Now let me tell you if you love Cage York you will absolutely LOVVEEE Preston Drake, possibly more than Cage *gasp* yea I didn’t think that was possible either! Just for Now is by far Abbi’s steamiest, sexiest book to date and and I loved every word, some words I had to read twice lol. It was great to finally get a glimpse into Preston’s world and see not everything was rainbows and sunshine as he was growing up and despite his lousy childhood he still busted his butt to to take care of his
deadbeat mom and his younger siblings; seeing Preston taking care of his brothers & sister is when I fell a little for him.

Now we all know Amanda grew up differently that Preston
but I really like that she wasn’t this spoiled priss…I really really liked that she didn’t care about Preston’s rough edges & backround and she still loved him something fierce…I mean FIERCE! We see just how fierce her love & loyalty is when Marcus finds out about the two of them 😉

Just for Now was was steamy, hot, sexy and well worth the wait. Read it you’ll love it…Preston gets a 9.5 on my panty dropper scale

Like all of Abbi’s books Just for Now gets 

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