Interview with Black Falcon’s favorite twins Trip &Tyke!

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 Trip – drums

 Tyke – bass

To celebrate the release of Rock The Heart Michelle was awesome enough to let me sit down with Black Falcon members Trip (drums) & Tyke (bass)

(Now let me tell you, as soon as these two walked in I knew I was in some deep shit with the way Trip was looking at me like he a starving man and I was his main course…which I totally liked!)

Welcome Trip,welcome Tyke thanks for sitting down with me today! I know you’re both excitedto see me Can I get you guys anything? Water?Soda? Beer?

Trip: Beer would be awesome!
Tyke: *Shakes his head* We’re fine.
Trip: Quit fucking talking for me. I hate it when you do that.
Tyke: Well, stop being a douche.
Trip: What?*Throws hands up* She offered.
Tyke: Let’s just get on with this. We have practice in fifteen minutes.

This is my firstinterview so be gentle, you both seem like a handful especially you Trip; I don’t really have a filter so we should be in for a good time!
Trip: *Winks at Holly* I like a girl who is down for a good time who doesn’t have a filter.

(at this point my face was as red as my hair)

So what’s it like being in the band and on tour with your brother?
Do you two ever get sick of being around each other or is it comforting having your brother here to have someone who A, knows how crazy life as a rock star i sand B, have someone that you genuinely know has your back and will always lookout for you?
Trip: It’s kind of a pain in the ass most of the time. He tries to act like my dad too much.Gets on my damn nerves.
Tyke: Someonehas to make sure you don’t make a complete ass out of yourself all the time.
Trip: See!That’s the shit I’m talking about. I don’t need you to do that. I like you better when you relax a little and go chick hunting with me.

Did you two always want to play music?
Tyke: Yep, since we were about five. Our dad was in a band, so it was natural for him to teach us.
Trip, it’s obvious your the best fucking drummer in the business; what made you want to play the drums?
Trip: *Grins devilishly* I like to bang things…hard.

(it suddenly got hot in here, *hollered over my shoulder for someone to crank up the AC*
Tyke, seems like you’ve got magic fingers when it comes to playing bass; what made choose the bass?
Tyke: I actually wanted to play drums, but the cry baby threw a fit when we were kids, so I settled for the next best beat keeping instrument, the bass.

Trip: I didn’t fucking cry. That’s such bullshit.
If you guys weren’t making music what would you be doing now?

Trip: *Sets his gaze on Holly* I would rather be fucking you right now.
Tyke: *Smacks Trip in the back of the head* Jesus, man!

Me: TYKE! don’t hit your brother! He’a welcome to speak freely =)
So, a lot of your fans want to know what’s a typical day like for the two of you when you’re home and not on tour?
Trip: We live in Kentucky, so we are really into riding dirt bikes and hanging out with friends.
What are yourfavorite perks of being in Black Falcon?Money? Fame? Endless supply of groupieswilling to throw you their raggedy cooter?
Trip: Raggedy cooter? *Roars with laughter* I think I love you.
Tyke: *Pinches the bridge of his nose*
Trip: I don’t fuck raggedy women. Only the best of the best, which reminds me, what are you doing later? 

Me: hmm depends on what kinds of offers I get and from whom…
(I didn’t want to appear eager)

Does it ever skeeve you guys out with how willing the groupies are to sleep with you?
Tyke: Not really, but the cougars are relentless.
Trip: I love the cougars. Older women know how to do it right.

Me: Oh so you like ’em older Trip? I think I can help you out with that,,,
So guys, a blind lady could see you’re both insanely sexy and good looking; any competition with each other to see who can get the most girls?
Ever go after the same girl and if so who got her?
*They look at each other*
Trip: There’s constant competition, but we deal with it.
Now that Noel seems to be in it for the long haul with Lanie do either one of you see yourselves settling down and maybe having kids someday?
Tyke: If the right girl comes along, sure.
Trip: Are you offering?

Me: *staring Trip in the eye* Maybe.
Trip & Tyke finish the sentence; in order for a lady to truly catch your eye they’d have to…
Trip: Be you.
(uh oh I’m in deep shit for sure…I can’t resist this man…I don’t know why I’m trying)

Tyke: You really need to work on your game.
Trip: *Furrows brow* What are you talking about? She’s totally loving it. *Leans over and whispers to Tyke*
Tyke: No she won’t. She looks like a nice girl, don’t you ask her to have a threesome with us after this interview.
Trip: *Wiggles his eyebrows at Holly*

(I let him know quickly I’m a one man woman)

We really didn’t get to see a lot of you guys in Rock The Heart, will we get to see more of you both in Rock My Bed? It’s ok to share secrets we’re all friends and I won’t tell lol
Tyke:  Yeah, their will be a lot more of us.
Trip: I’d like to show you a lot more of me right now.
Tyke: *Punches brother on leg* Stop.
Trip: *Rubs leg*Damn it! Don’t fucking hit me again or I’m going to kick your ass.

Me: TYKE DOUGLAS if you don’t stop punching you brother he won’t be the only one kicking your ass! He can show me whatever he wants!
(Trip gave his brother the biggest shit eating grin at that)

Lastly, any dirt on Riff & Noel that they wouldn’t necessarily want us to know? Just between us of course.
Trip: Riff has a nightly skin care regimen like a girl.
Tyke: *Laughs*He’s metro sexual.

Me: Why am I not surprised! 

Favorite Band or musicians?
Trip: Korn.
Tyke: TheBeatles.

Boxers or boxerbriefs? (and I will check to confirm your answer lol)
Trip: Boxers. Myshit needs freedom.

 *they were telling the truth ;-D*

Any piercings wecan’t see?
Tyke: Nope. Just my ears.
Trip: I fully plan on showing you my special, lady pleasing piercing.

Me: Really? That is one of the things on my bucket list…

Blondes,brunettes or redheads (answer CAREFULLY)
Trip: Redheads.I love fiery chicks.

Me: GOOD answer Sexy!

Tyke: No preference. I like them all.
Favorite feature on a woman?
Trip: Tits.*Eyes linger on Holly’s chest.*
(He’s looking at my teets and I can feel the fire staring at the top of my heat to the tips of my toes)
Tyke: Eyes
Hard and roughor soft and slow?
Trip: Hard andrough. AND dirty. You forgot dirty.

Me: Oh No baby I most certainly didn’t forget dirty

Tyke: Soft and slow. I like to have a connection

Me: Awwww Tyke that’s so sweet! You’re going to make a lady happy one day…speaking of I have a friend, Nichele, I think you’d reaaaalllyyy like her *Tyke asked me for her number*

Craziest rumor you’ve heard about yourself?
Trip: That I’m gay. Clearly, I’m not.

Me: *looking at Trip I lick my lips*  No way baby I know you’re NOT gay!

Tyke: That I’m O.C.D. and never leave the house. I may like organization, but I’m not a freak about it or anything.
Well guys I want to thank you both for sitting down with me today…looks like I’m out of questions unless there’s anything else either one of you would like to ask?
Trip: How close is your place?
Tyke: *Stands up and grabs Trip’s arm * Leave the poor girl alone. Thank you for having us, Holly.

Me: you’re welcome! It’s was my pleasure to have you…

*I grabbed Trip’s other arm and dragged him away from his brother* 

Me: Uhh, yea Tyke you’re brother won’t be making practice today…lets go Trip…

Now since I’m a lady and a lady NEVER kisses and tells you all will have to use your imagination as to what went down (pun intended) after Trip and I left together 😉 


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  1. Thank you ladies! I had the best time with these two; they’re a handful but such sweethearts!!! I’m glad you enjoyed it :

  2. I love it Holly :)You did awesome! *Text chimes* AHHH..Guess who just text me? My Tykey Pants 🙂 We have a date tonight..Then maybe I’ll let him sleep with me *Giggles*