Review: Perchance by Lila Felix

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Since I loved Lila’s first book Emerge, It was a no brainer that I’d be reading her second book Perchance.
I have a feeling she will be around for a LONG time! Perchance is another wonderfully written book and it’s a multi POV and I love those; I feel like you get a more complete story. I love how Lila doesn’t make you feel like your reading but more like you’re living the story right along with the characters; you have 17 yr old Remi who’s super cynical when it comes to men and relationships thanks to her bitter jaded mother and Cooper, who’s being forced to live with the Dad he never knew during his senior year of HS. 
The buildup of their relationship between Remi and Cooper was refreshingly realistic. It wasn’t smooth sailing but what relationship is? Neither one of them is perfect and granted Remi has more issues than Cooper but that’s what made her relatable, their flaws are what made them human and believable. You can’t help but to root for them, although at times I wanted to shake Remi for her actions but then I had to remember it’s not her fault for the way she is, it’s her mothers fault. Keep your eye out for Grandma Edith because she is awesome and file away for future use the advice she gives because she’s right on the money with it! If you want a sweet love story with drama and some suspense Perchance is for you.

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