Review: Fate by Elizabeth Reyes

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Fate by Elizabeth Reyes is her spinoff series from her GINORMOUSLY great Moreno series…I was so beyond excited that Fate had arrived because I was bummed a teeny tiny bit that in Making You Mine (book 5 of the Moreno series) that we didn’t find out what happened to destroy cousin Vince and Grace’s sister Rose’s relationship…well since Elizabeth is not one to disappoint her readers she’s given us Fate!!!

Before I even started page one I knew this book was gonna be awesome and it so was plus it was a multi character POV which I love and I liked how it flipped back and forth from the past to the present as well giving us a complete picture of their entire relationship…and I LOVED it!!! It was great seeing their relationship start with them building a solid friendship and watching it progress from friends to more than friends…the writing was fantastic and I swear I felt every emotion along with the two of them, when things were good between them I was happy and when things were bad my heart broke for the both of them…and when they were in Rose’s bed, in the pool, and in the family room, let’s just say I read those parts more than once because they were HOT!!!

I don’t know if it’s because I love Latino men in general or what but I seriously love all of Elizabeth’s men;  they’re all sexy first and foremost but they’re also smart, respectful, hard working, caring, loving and just wonderful overall…I look forward to the 2nd book in the Fate series as well as Hector’s story in her 5th Street series…

Fate is definitely another 5 star hit from Elizabeth…buy it…read it…and definitely tel you friends about it like I’ve done 😀

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