Review of Shallow by Georgia Cates

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Shallow is book 2 in Georgia’s Going Under series; this one focuses on Payton, Claire’s BFF from Going Under…now while I liked Going Under I absolutely LOVED Shallow!!! It’s definitely going on my re-read list

I don’t even know where to begin with how much I loved Payton and Nick’s story…I fell in love with the two of them the minute their sarcastic comebacks started to fly! I loved every word in this book and there is not one thing I would change about either of these two characters, they prove that opposites attract and you can’t bullsh*t a bullsh*tter because Payton and Nick called each other out on ALL of the others BS and I LOVEEEDDDDD it!!!

I think love Payton and Nick on an Abby & Travis, Caleb & Maggie, Olivia & Cash level…yeaaa that nuch!

One of my favorite scene’s is when Jessie tells Payton not to fall for any of Nicks Jedi sex tricks
*definitely adding Jedi sex tricks to my vocabulary*

More of my favorite Payton-isms:

“I have manners, but you know my motto. Why be difficult, when with only a little bit of effort, you can be impossible”

“Hey, self! stop having a lady boner moment”

“Sh*t! Was that Nick Hawke and had I just unknowingly been preyed upon by the Sex Tricks Jedi?
I did not want to admit it, but I think I had just been bested. I walked with my tail tucked between my legs and got into my car.”

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5 responses to “Review of Shallow by Georgia Cates

  1. Eep! Awesome review! I LOVED Payton in Falling Under and I’ve been dying to read her story ever since I met her there. You can’t go wrong with sarcasm, witty remarks and sexy romance. Super excited about this story!

  2. I’m glad you like! I loved Payton from the start, that’s what makes Shallow my favorite of the two…and I agree…sarcasm, witty remarks and a sexy romance are always a win!