Review of Going Under by Georgia Cates

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 I can never get enough of the good girl/wrong side of the tracks guy stories, I love them…seriously, I’m a sucker for them along with guys with muscles and tattoos…sorry got sidetracked back to what I thought…

The characters were well developed and you really did get to know them and love them (except for Claire’s ex Forbes he was just a def con level 5 douche bag)

Claire & Jessie’s chemistry was HOT HOT HOT and I liked that neither one of them let their upbringing define them…there was definitely more than meets the eye with both of them. I made sure to keep my hands and feet inside as I read and enjoyed the roller coaster that was their relationship lol…but honestly what made the book for me was Claire’s BFF Payton, she was HILARIOUS! The sh*t she came out with had me cracking up and committing a lot of it to memory to use in the future

Some of my favorite Payton-isms:

” I know the game like you crotch knows
the palm of your hand”

“I hope you believe in the hereafter
 because that boy is about to be here after you”

“Did you play carpenter and let him nail you?”

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