My review of Liz Reinhardt’s Fall Guy!

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Fall Guy is a definite 5 stars!!!

Now I did receive an ARC of this book from Liz but I also purchased it because I believe in supporting great indie authors!

I really think Liz Reinhardt is incapable of writing a bad book; I’ve read and loved each and every book she’s written so far. Fall Guy is her New Adult spinoff starring Evan Lennox, the lovable, fearless best friend of Brenna Bilxen from Liz’s Brenna Blixen series(Double Clutch, Junk Miles, Slow Twitch). I knew from reading the Brenna series that Evan came across as fearless and let nothing get in her way of having fun..that said, I LOVED getting to see Evan’s vulnerable side here, she really is just a girl looking for love and was looking in all the wrong places…till she meets Winchester Youngblood because, really, isn’t a courtroom thee best place to meet a guy lol (she’s facing trespassing and unintentional arson charges, because who knew trying to burn a few personal items could get so out of hand and Winch is facing disturbing the peace and public intoxication, could this be a match made in heaven?) …from start to finish I was pulled in to the secrets and drama of Winch’s life and seeing him and Evan navigate a relationship and couldn’t put it down once I began reading…The love scenes were just right, not too flowery and not to graphic, Liz gave us the perfect amount of steam & heat!!! I give Fall Guy 2 thumbs up and will definitely be recommending it to others.


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